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The Nazareth University Staff Senate serves as a critical hub for both full-time and part-time staff, embodying their collective voice and ensuring their perspectives are included in the broader mission of the institution. Governed by its Bylaws and Constitution, the Staff Senate is a cornerstone in Nazareth University's system of shared governance. It works in tandem with other governing bodies like the Faculty Senate, the Undergraduate Association, and the soon-to-come Graduate Student Association.

Rather than functioning as a collective bargaining entity, the Staff Senate acts as a consultative and decision-making forum. It wields the power to offer informed recommendations that can substantially influence the direction Nazareth University takes in achieving its goals. The Senate's primary mission is to foster open channels of communication among staff and between staff and other stakeholders—be it administration, faculty, or students. Through this ongoing dialogue, the Senate aims to cultivate collegiality and a sense of community across the various components of Nazareth University.

In essence, the Staff Senate champions the betterment of the work atmosphere and the overall well-being of staff members. It's not just a body that discusses issues; it's an active force committed to creating a positive, nurturing work environment where staff can thrive. By doing so, the Senate contributes significantly to the fulfillment of Nazareth University's broader mission and vision, ensuring that the staff's role is neither marginalized nor overlooked in the process of institutional development.

Meet the Senators

Membership is comprised of both elected and appointed senators, full-time, part-time, exempt, and non-exempt are permitted to serve, equitably representing all functional areas of the University. Term length is two years, with a maximum of six consecutive years. 

Feel free to contact with questions or interest in running in future elections or being involved on a committee.

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