Staff Work Life Committee

Committee Members

Staff members are elected by their peers for staggered terms of three years. In addition to the elected members of this committee, the Associate to the President and Associate Director of Human Resources also sit on the committee as ex officio members. Current elected members of the committee include:

Name and Term Ending Date

  • Jon Fleming ~ 5/2023
  • Jazzmyn Ivery-Robinson ~ 5/2023
  • Thomas Keilman ~ 5/2023                            
  • Rita Mannelli ~ 5/2022
  • Stacey Stehle ~ 5/2022
  • Valarie Wilson ~ 5/2022
  • Patrick Richey - Ex Officio
  • Cathy Stevens - Ex Officio
  • Davey Larrison - Ex Officio
  • Minda Hugh - Administrative Support

Suggestion box

Submit a suggestion of something that would make life better for staff at Nazareth College. Suggestions are anonymous unless you choose otherwise.