Summer of Sound Recording

Nathan DeJoy '26

    Nathan is pictured at left in a photo with his supervisor, Will Hahn.

    Major: Music/Business

    Internship: Audio recording at White Lake Studios in Albany, New York, supported by a Nazareth SPARK Grant

    Jumping in after his first year of college: "I am a rising sophomore and just got accepted in the music business major in April, so I haven't actually taken any music business classes yet. I'm doing this internship far before I would've needed to, but am so grateful I did."

    Day to day: "It's different every day. Sometimes I observe our audio engineer mix the music of artists who come into the studio. I was taught how to mix and produce music myself using a program called Pro Tools. I researched bands and helped set up the stage for a Fourth of July show at the Empire State Plaza. I also was taught a lot about managing in the music industry and the basics of promotion using platforms like TikTok or weekly blogs for their voice-over business."

    Why this internship: "I want to go into the recording industry in some aspect, and I think this internship has given me a great deal of a lot of knowledge surrounding that world. I believe this internship has set me up very well for my potential future in the industry."