"Management is everywhere"

Alex Gent '25

Hometown: Silver Spring, MD

Majorsports, entertainment, and arts management

Alex Gent '25, a soccer athlete, chose his major because he loves sports and wants a career that he'll love.

Benefits of the major

  • "What stands out for this program is the teachers."
  • Alex says he's getting prepared to work "in any management position" in sports, entertainment, or the arts, including president or owner. "I enjoy analyzing and watching soccer, so I can definitely see myself in analysis and running an analysis department."
  • "I think this degree really prepares me to be the best version of myself. I think it really helps prepare me for the struggles and the situations that we might face in the real world in a career."
  • His required internship was a great experience and networking opportunity. A high point was working on the MLS All-Star Game. He was at D.C. United for the summer and will return there (Washington, D.C.), to do analysis that helps the team strategically prepare for games.