Student Accounts

Payment Options

View your bill

  • Log in to your NazNet account  
  • Click on 'Students'
  • Under Financial Information, click on ‘View Account and Make Payments’
  • Select ‘Account Activity’ and the semester/term  
  • Click on ‘View Statement’  

From there, you can click ‘Make a Payment’ and select the semester/term and payment method.

Payment Methods
Student Accounts' Deferral
Employer Sponsored Tuition Plan (ESTP)
Tuition Waiver
International Tuition Payments with Flywire

Grant Financial Access to an Authorized User

To enable another person to view your bill, make payments online and communicate with the College regarding your financial information add him/her as an authorized user (person proxy).

  • Log in to your NazNet account

  • Click ‘Students’

  • Under Financial Information, click ‘View Account and Make Payments’

  • Click on your first name (at top right) and select ‘View/Add Person Proxy’

  • From the drop-down menu, select the authorized user and the Student Finance features your authorized user will be able to access.

  • Read the Disclosure Agreement and complete the authorization by checking the box

  • Click ‘Save’

If you would like to set up an authorized user who is not listed:

  • Select 'Add Another User' from the drop down menu
  • Fill in the required fields and select the Student Finance features you wish your authorized user to access
  • Read the disclosure Agreement and complete the authorization by checking the box
  • Click on 'Search'
  • If the search results indicate that there are no existing users in the system matching the criteria that you entered, click on 'Continue' to create a new user

NazNet Self-Service access for authorized user (person proxy)

Students who would like to give third parties, including parents, access to their educational records can submit a disclosure permission form to the Registrar's Office.  This disclosure form only applies to academic records.