Student Accounts

Refund Policy & Direct Deposit

Student Accounts' Policy on the Reduction of Charges

(Fall and spring semesters only)

Undergraduate students must notify the Center for Student Success or the Registrar (graduate students notify the Registrar's office) in person, in writing, or by telephone of their intention to withdraw from an individual course, all classes for the semester, or the program. Reduction of tuition charges will be determined by this date of notification. Continued class attendance or academic contact after this date will cause this later date to be considered as the official withdrawal date. Dates for determining reduction of fall and spring tuition charges are as follows:

  • Withdrawal within the 1st week of classes - 100% reduction
  • Withdrawal within the 2nd week of classes - 90% reduction
  • Withdrawal within the 3rd week of classes - 80% reduction
  • Withdrawal within the 4th week of classes - 50% reduction
  • Withdrawal within the 5th and 6th week of classes - 25% reduction

For full-time undergraduate students, the first Friday of the semester is the last day to reduce credit load (drop from full-time to part-time) without full tuition liability.

Receive Your Refund through Direct Deposit

Student Accounts partners with Nelnet Business Solutions for the processing of student refunds and emergency advances. Nelnet offers several refund options including direct deposit right into your bank account:

  1. Go to NazNet Self-Service
  2. Go to Student Finance
  3. Pull down on Menu bar > Student Finance > select "Payment Plan & Refunds"
  4. Proceed to Nelnet
  5. Review your address information and scroll to bottom of page and click Next
  6. Select "Manage My Refunds"
  7. Enter your direct deposit information (bank account & routing number)
  8. Select "Save"

Please follow the Nazareth Refunds link to learn how to register as well as to learn more about the refund options.

Prorated Costs

Summer 2021 Reduction in Liability Schedule

Summer A, May 17 - June 24, 2021
Summer B, June 28 - August 5, 2021