Statement of Affirmation

By registering for courses at Nazareth University, I acknowledge and agree to the following:

  • I acknowledge that the balance due on my tuition bill needs to be paid by the billing due date or I will be in jeopardy of being assessed a $275 late payment fee. Please refer to the Student Accounts' website for all billing and due dates: Billing Dates
  • I understand that Nazareth reserves the right to cancel a future semester's registration if a balance from a current or past semester becomes past due.  For instance, if you register for summer and fall in the spring, your summer balance will need to be paid in order to maintain your fall registration. 
  • I understand that non-attendance and/or non-payment will not result in de-registration.  Financial obligations will continue up to the date that you notify the University of your intent to withdraw from an individual course, all classes for the semester, or the program.
  • I have read and understand the Student Accounts' Policy on the Reduction of Charges: Refund Policy
  • I have read and understand the Federal regulations that require the University to have a fair and equitable refund policy for students who withdraw on or after the first day of classes for a period of enrollment for which the student was charged. Federal financial aid eligibility is calculated using the terms outlined at Financial Aid Policies.
  • I understand that if a University debt must be referred to outside sources for collection, I will be responsible for paying additional collection costs including but not limited to, attorney fees and disbursements. Nazareth University may also disclose to credit bureau organizations that I have defaulted on my student financial obligations. Nazareth University reserves the right to withhold course selection and housing selection in those instances where financial obligations are not fulfilled.
  • I authorize Nazareth University and its agents, including attorneys and collection agencies, to contact me through my mobile phone, home phone, and email, including by way of text and automated message calls and/or calls using prerecorded messages/artificial voice for purposes of collecting any portion of my student financial obligation that is past due.
  • I authorize Nazareth University to use any available financial aid to pay any balance due for tuition, fees, housing and food, as well as miscellaneous charges including but not limited to residence hall damages, library fines, and parking fines for all terms of enrollment at Nazareth University. I understand that I can rescind this authorization by submitting a written request to Student Accounts. Revocation may result in a balance due that I am required to pay. Funds disbursed prior to revocation may be used to pay any charges applied to the account prior to notification of revocation. Per federal regulations, awards in the current year may be used to pay for all charges in the current year and up to $200 of outstanding charges from a prior academic year.