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Biography of Daan Braveman

Daan Braveman, the ninth president of Nazareth College, is a Rochester, N.Y., native. Braveman graduated from the University of Rochester in 1969 and obtained his law degree from the University of Pennsylvania in 1972. He served as law clerk to Justice Samuel J. Roberts of the Pennsylvania Supreme Court and then worked as an attorney for the Greater Upstate Law Project located in Rochester. While at the Project he was engaged in civil rights litigation throughout New York State.

Braveman joined Syracuse University College of Law in 1977 and served as Dean from 1994–2002. During his tenure, he taught courses in civil procedure, civil rights, constitutional law, federal courts, and federal Indian law, and was one of the founders and directors of the Public Interest Law Firm at the Law College. He has published many articles and books on constitutional law, civil rights, legal education, and federal Indian law. In 2003, he was one of seven candidates nominated by the New York State Commission on Judicial Nomination for position as Associate Judge of the New York Court of Appeals.

In 2005, he was inaugurated as the President of Nazareth College. Braveman is also a trustee of the New York State Interest on Lawyers’ Accounts, and serves on the Boards of the Rochester Business Alliance and the New American Colleges and Universities, and is on committees of the Finger Lakes Health Systems Agency.

Braveman is married to Lorraine Winn Braveman, who is a social worker, and they have a son, Adam, who is a lawyer in New York City.

Daan Braveman