Visual and Performing Arts: How to Apply and Complete Audition/Submit Portfolio

How to Apply

All steps are required.

1. Complete the appropriate application: 

2. Schedule your audition or portfolio review date on the Admissions Visit & Events page.

Auditions, portfolio reviews, and interviews are held from fall to spring. Most of these will be in person for the 2022-23 application process, with a virtual option if you cannot make it to one of our in person dates. All audition/review dates will close two weeks prior, so please register ahead of time.

  • Musical Theatre (BFA) majors only:
    • Must complete a pre-screen process before you are eligible to sign up for an audition. Prescreens are due by January 15. 
    • Create your account using Acceptd. Fee: $20. If you are unable to pay this fee, contact Amanda Brady, at to request a fee waiver. Waivers are not guaranteed, but are considered on a case by case basis.
    • All musical theatre majors who pass their pre screen will schedule their audition through the same Acceptd account.

If you are looking for a virtual option, please email Amanda Brady at to coordinate one.

For what to expect on your audition/review day in 2022-23, please refer to the appropriate section below.

3. Before your audition/review/interview, take these steps to prepare. 

  • Each content area (Music, Theatre, Art and Dance) will answer a series of questions to help in your audition/review. Based on your area, you will be asked to upload materials after you apply to Nazareth.
    • Music: Optional Resume
    • Dance: Resume & Dance photo
    • Theatre Arts: Resume & Essay
    • Theatre Design & Technology: Resume & Optional Portfolio
  • Scroll to the appropriate section below to learn how you can be well prepared for your audition, portfolio review, or interview.

Music | Theatre | Dance | Art & Design 


Which music degrees require a music audition
Audition/Interview schedule and what to expect
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Prepare for a Music-Major Audition

Brass and Woodwinds

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Contemporary option

Prepare for Non-Music-Major Audition



Which academic programs require a theatre audition or portfolio review?
Musical Theatre (B.F.A.) Prescreen Requirements
Audition — musical theatre (B.F.A.)
Portfolio — theatre design and technology (B.F.A.)
Audition — theatre arts (B.A., including both education programs)


Which academic programs require a dance audition
Audition — dance

Art & Design

Which academic programs require a portfolio review
Portfolio — art education, design, studio art, visual communication design
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