Visual and Performing Arts: How to Apply and Audition/Submit Portfolio

How to Apply

All steps are required.

1. Complete the appropriate application: 

2. Register for your portfolio review or audition:

Music Theatre Dance Art

Auditions are held from fall to spring on campus and in select cities in the northeast. Portfolio reviews are held on campus. Applicants who are unable to attend an audition or portfolio review in person can submit a recorded audition or request a portfolio review via video conference and share the portfolio via SlideRoom.

3. Create your SlideRoom account (free) before your audition or portfolio review date.

4. Prepare for your audition or your portfolio review using the details below:

Music | Theatre | Dance | Art  


Which academic programs require a music audition
All musicians — what to expect at the audition
Audition — music (B.A.)
Auditions — music/business
Audition — music composition
Audition — music performance, music education
Audition — non-music majors
Ask the music audition coordinator


Which academic programs require an audition or porfolio review
Audition — acting (B.F.A.)
Audition — musical theatre (B.F.A.)
Portfolio — technical production (B.F.A.)
Audition — theatre arts (B.A.)


Which academic programs require a dance audition
How far in advance do I need to register for my audition
Audition — dance


Which academic programs require portfolio review
Submit your portfolio in-person or electronically
Portfolio — art education, studio art, visual communication design
Portfolio recommendations


Amanda E. Torpey

Amanda E. Torpey

Counselor in Admissions
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