Visual and Performing Arts: How to Apply and Complete Audition/Submit Portfolio

Updates coming soon!

We are in the process of updating our processes for the 2021-22 audition and portfolio review season. We  plan to be primarily in-person for auditions and reviews!

Audition/Portfolio Guide

    Step by step, how to complete the requirements.

    How to Apply

    All steps are required.

    1. Complete the appropriate application: 

    2. Schedule your interview date: See available dates and register.

    Interviews are held from fall to spring — and all are virtual in 2020-2021 due to physical distancing guidelines. Your interview date will include:

    • virtual interview
    • question and answer session with faculty/students
    • Musical Theatre (BFA) majors only: also a virtual audition via Zoom; complete a pre-screen process by January 1, before scheduling your audition.

    For details about preparing your audition or portfolio review, please scroll to the appropriate section under “Prepare for your audition/portfolio review.”

    3. Before your interview, submit your required audition or portfolio material (detailed below).

    At least one week before your interview or portfolio review date, create your online account and use it to provide your audition/portfolio materials, including supplemental material. This is required.

    • All majors except Musical Theatre, BFA: Create your account using Slideroom (free).
    • Musical Theatre, BFA majors: Create your account using Acceptd. Fee: $20. If you are unable to pay this fee, contact Devon Ash,, to request a fee waiver. Waivers are not guaranteed, but are considered on a case by case basis.
    • Once your materials are submitted, you cannot add to it. Be sure you have included all required material before pressing “submit.”

    4. Prepare for your audition or your portfolio review using the details below:

    Music | Theatre | Dance | Art & Design 


    Which music degrees require a music audition
    Audition/Interview schedule and what to expect
    Sample virtual schedule
    Have a question?

    Prepare for a Music-Major Audition

    Brass and Woodwinds

    Prepare for Music/Business Major Audition

    Contemporary option

    Prepare for Non-Music-Major Audition



    Which academic programs require a theatre audition or portfolio review
    Musical Theatre (B.F.A.) Pre Screen Requirements
    Audition — musical theatre (B.F.A.)
    Portfolio — theatre design and technology (B.F.A.)
    Audition — theatre arts (B.A., including both education programs)


    Which academic programs require a dance audition
    How far in advance do I need to register for my dance interview
    Audition — dance

    Art & Design

    Which academic programs require a portfolio review
    Submit your portfolio electronically
    Portfolio — art education, design, studio art, visual communication design
    Portfolio recommendations