College Lights Go Green

Six hundred new energy efficient LED lights now line the campus of Nazareth College. “I’m told it’s the largest project of its kind in the country for a college this size,” says Peter Lana, Nazareth’s director of facilities.

The school made the switch to LEDs as a way to save energy and money. “We’ll save about 300 tons of carbon emissions and 500,000 kilowatt hours of electricity, which equates to lighting about 31 homes for a year,” adds Lana.

The new lights are also cleaner, brighter, and last longer than the old ones. A company in Syracuse designed them to fit in the existing fixtures around campus. The lighting project is important for campus safety as well as a way to help the College save money and energy. “The parking lots need a lot of lighting,” says Lana. “The students feel safer.”

This is just the beginning of improvements to the schools lighting. The next step will be to change out the old lights inside the academic buildings, beginning with the Golisano Academic Center.

LED light bulb