Music Department


Strings students in all degree programs receive:

  • weekly one-hour private lessons
  • weekly memory class
  • weekly piano ensemble and/or chamber music
  • accompanying experience


  • Ensemble options, both large and small, at Nazareth
  • Teaching opportunities in Rochester-area schools and Nazareth's Community Music Program
  • Numerous performance opportunities on and off campus
  • Gain leadership experience in various coaching, conducting, and performance roles
Performance Opportunities
Teaching Opportunities
Leadership Roles

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    Ergonomics: As the skeletons "hold" a violin, bass, cello, and viola, string pedagogy class students see how bones, muscles, and tendons align. This fun and injury-preventing lesson in music-playing ergonomics was by Music Prof. Nancy Strelau and Brianne Oricchio — who is both the Nazareth Symphony Orchestra concertmaster and a fifth-year Nazareth physical therapy doctoral student — in Nazareth's physical therapy lab.

    Contact Information

    Nancy P. Strelau

    Nancy P. Strelau

    Associate Professor in Professional Practice / Auditions & Instrumental Coordinator / Orchestra Conductor in Music
    Arts Center 98

    Education: B.M., Syracuse University; M.M., University of Miami

    Teaching and Research Interests: Symphony orchestra, chamber orchestra, conducting, and string education.

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