Club Sports 

2022-2023 Club Sports


Men's varsity rugby competes in D1-A Liberty Rugby Conference.

Interim Coach: Dana Schneider,, 585-389-2794

Read more about rugby on the Athletics website.


Men's rowing is a club sport.

Women's rowing became a varsity sport as of fall 2019.


Typically, Nazareth Men's Basketball Club practices and plays games 2-3 times per week. The group travels to and plays against other schools competitively.

Women Volleyball

Typically, Nazareth Women's Volleyball Club practices and plays games 1-2 times per week. The group will travel and offically start competing in spring 2022.


Typically, Nazareth Men's Soccer Club practices and plays games 2-3 times per week. The group travels to and plays against other schools competitively.


Naz ESports club provides a competitive, yet friendly, online gaming environment in our new state-of-the-art ESports room in Shults Center (in what was formerly the International room, next the Cab cafeteria).


Typically, Nazareth Cheerleading Club practices 1-2 twice times per week. The group will travel and officially start competing in spring 2022.

Club sports provide a great way to compete, learn and improve — and socialize with people who share the same love for the game. 

Nazareth's Club Sports program is overseen by Athletics. Each club sport is created and run by students with assistance from their coach or advisor. To create a club sport, see Recognition on this page.


To become recognized, groups must ...

  1. Hold two interest meetings
  2. Have a roster of at least 10 members
  3. Submit a constitution
  4. Prepare a proposed budget

Once these items are completed, the group should schedule a meeting with Taye Daniel-Ayebiowu,


Undergraduates: All full-time, fee-paying undergraduate students at Nazareth College are eligible for membership in a club sport.

Graduate students: Nazareth graduate students may also participate; however, they must pay a $25 fee on top of dues.

All recognized club sports must have at least 10 members. Complete team rosters must be on file with the Club Sports Coordinator before a club sport may start their season.

Non-Nazareth College students and College faculty/staff are not permitted to join a club sports team. 

Definition of Club Sport Activity
  1. Official competition
  2. Organized practice
  3. Any use of a Nazareth facility
  4. Any use of the College's name or the Club Sports Program to advertise the event
  5. Any use of designated funds
  6. Ability to fundraise
  7. Any travel for the club sports team
Risk Management

Club sports teams should work to provide a safe and positive experience for members. It is required that all club sports develop, implement, and practice safety measures relevant to their sport. These safety guidelines must be submitted to the Club Sports Coordinator for review and approval.

In addition:

  • Each team member must complete and sign the Nazareth College Acknowledgement of Assumption of Risk and Release/Waiver of Liability form and these should be submitted to Club Sports Coordinator.
  • Club sports officers must inspect fields and facilities prior to every practice or game. Unsafe conditions must be reported to the Club Sports Coordinator immediately.
  • Each team member must be concerned with safety and follow all safety procedures established and/or required and specific to their sport to avoid unnecessary hazardous situations.
  • Teams must abide by all local, state, and national health and safety regulations.
  • Teams must follow established emergency procedures for practices and game situations.
  • Have a first aid kit at each practice and game. First aid kits will be supplied by the Club Sports Coordinator.
  • Participants must wear proper dress, including footwear and appropriate protective equipment. Protective equipment is personally supplied and the team member is responsible for ensuring that it is in good working condition.
  • It is highly recommended that at least two members from each team become CPR and First Aid certified.
Medical Insurance

All members of club sports are required to have adequate medical insurance coverage while participating in any club related activity. Each club member is responsible for arranging insurance coverage. Adequate insurance should include coverage for injuries incurred while participating in club activities and during periods of travel to and from such activities. All members must sign the Nazareth College Acknowledgement of Assumption of Risk and Release/Waiver of Liability before being permitted to participate in any club sports activity. These forms must be kept on file with the Club Sports Coordinator.

Neither Nazareth College, the Club Sports Program, the Club Sports Coordinator, Student Engagement, the Undergraduate Association nor any of its faculty, staff, trustees, or club officers accept any responsibility for ill health or injury sustained while participating in a club sport.  No medical or ambulance expenses incurred by a participant will be paid by the College or any o the programs and individuals listed above. Participation is on a voluntary basis.


In the event of an emergency/accident while participating in a club sport refer to the following procedures.

On Campus

Call Campus Safety immediately, 585-389-2850, and the responding officer will evaluate the injury/accident to determine if an individual needs to be transported to the hospital. After, report the injury/accident to the Club Sports Coordinator.

Off Campus

Call 911 for medical attention. After, call Campus Safety to report the injury/accident and notify the Club Sports Coordinator.

Hazing/Drugs/Alcohol Policy and Student Code of Conduct

No club sport will engage in reckless or intentional acts which endanger the mental or physical health of its members. Violation of this regulation will result in the team losing its privilege to operate on campus and the team and violators may be subject to any applicable provision of the Penal Law and to College disciplinary proceedings.

Drugs or alcohol at club sports team meetings, practices, or games is not allowed. Any team that violates this policy will be immediately disbanded and all members may be subject to any applicable provision of the Penal Law and College disciplinary proceedings. The Student Code of Conduct applies to all club sports activities; more information can be found in the Student Handbook.

Facilities Reservations/ Gym and Field Use

All gym/field use by club sports teams must be authorized by the Athletics Department. Teams are responsible for making their own reservations by using the reservation form available at the Information Desk in the Shults Center. If for some reason you are not going to use your reservation, please notify the Campus Operations as soon as possible so that the space can be made available for another team or activity. 

Scheduling/Canceling Games and Contracts

Individual teams are responsible for scheduling games unless scheduled by a league. Any contracts are to be submitted to the Club Sports Coordinator so that they can be reviewed and signed by the Director of Student Engagement & Leadership. A final schedule of games should be submitted to the Club Sports Coordinator.

If a game is canceled for any reason, the team captain must notify Campus Operations as soon as possible so that they know that the facility/gym/field will not be used. The team should also notify the Club Sports Coordinator.  If a contract is in place, the Club Sports Coordinator will work with the team to notify the opposing team and reschedule the game.

Locker Rooms/ Residence Hall Usage/ Visiting Teams

Locker rooms are available in the Shults Center and use of these locker rooms must be approved by Campus Operations.

Campus Safety should be notified when a visiting team will be using the locker rooms. Representatives from the home team should check the space after the visiting team leaves and report any damages to Campus Safety. Visiting teams are not permitted to utilize campus facilities unless approval is received from the appropriate department in advance. The home team assumes responsibility for the visiting team while on campus.

Equipment/ Uniform Requests

Equipment and uniform requests should be submitted to the Club Sports Coordinator for approval. Any equipment/uniforms will be signed out to each team at the start of their season and collected again at the end of their season or academic year, whichever comes first.

It is the responsibility of team members to keep equipment and uniforms clean and in good repair. If equipment or uniforms are lost or damaged, it is the responsibility of the individual to replace the item or uniform.

Officials/ Trainers

Teams should work with the Club Sports Coordinator to arrange for officials for home contests. All payment to officials should be made by check following the Undergraduate Association financial policies.

Club sports teams do not have access to the College's athletic trainers, and team money should not be used to secure a trainer. Instead, individuals are responsible for selecting and paying for any necessary trainers.

Dues/Fees and Fundraising

All club sports are expected to generate income to support their activities through membership dues and/or fundraising. Anyone collecting money from team members must issue a receipt to the individual and retain a copy of that receipt for their records. Receipt books can be obtained from the Club Sports Coordinator.

Club sports teams are permitted to fundraise. All fundraisers should be approved by Student Engagement & Leadership. To submit a request to fundraise, fill out the required Fundraising Proposal form (online).

All monies collected by club sports teams must be deposited at Campus Safety following appropriate procedures.


Each individual is responsible for their own travel to and from practices and games. It is recommended that team members coordinate travel plans. In addition, each team is encouraged to have at least two certified drivers who have gone through the required College online training and driving test and utilize Undergraduate Association vans/transportation whenever possible. To make reservations, contact Student Engagement staff.