Diversity Council

The Diversity Council is comprised of representatives from each of the diversity clubs within the Undergraduate Association.  They work together to educate the University community through programming, serve as a resource for clubs, and promote an environment that embraces other cultures. 

Member Clubs

American Sign Language (ASL) Club

The goal of ASL Club is to expose students to deaf culture and experience it in a way that allows not only something fun and interesting, but also provides positive learning opportunities for students with or without ASL background. The club plans to bring in guest speakers and allow for members to attend deaf events in the area. Rochester area has a large deaf population, so with this club we plan to involve the community in our events in return for them to involve us. ASL Club will provide students interested in the deaf community, a chance to immerse themselves in the community and receive a hands on experience.  To contact ASL Club, email asl@mail.naz.edu.

Association of Social Work Students (ASWS)

The Association of Social Work Students (ASWS) is the Social Work Department's student organization and falls under the governance of the Undergraduate Association of the college. Its main goals are to help students integrate their social work knowledge, skills, values and life experiences with the academic and social aspects of Nazareth University; to respond to the needs of the local community; and to enhance the presence of undergraduate social work education in Rochester and surrounding areas.

For more information contact the club officers at asws@mail.naz.edu.

Best Buddies Club

Best Buddies Club encourages involvement from Nazareth University students both with and without developmental and intellectual disabilities.  The club creates opportunities for one-to-one friendships, volunteer involvement both on campus and in the community as well as leadership opportunities for all involved!  We are an international organization with a individualized chapter at Nazareth University: check out our website bestbuddies.org.  To contact Nazareth's Best Buddies group, email bestbuddiesclub@mail.naz.edu.

Black Student Union (BSU)

The Black Student Union (BSU) is a multicultural organization dedicated to strengthening, enhancing, and promoting unity among students of color through social and political action. Our vision is to serve the campus with cultural and educational initiatives as we aim to support and build leaders while fostering a sense of identity for students of color on the Nazareth University campus.  For more info, email bsu@mail.naz.edu.

Chinese Club

Chinese Club provides students with the ability to perfect their Chinese language skills and to bring together people interested in the Chinese language, literature, its culture, and its issues. It intends to provide the whole student population with a new place for knowledge, mutual understanding, and fun.

For more information on this club please contact the club officers at chineseclub@mail.naz.edu.

Club Italianissimo

Club Italianissimo allows the Nazareth community to come into contact with Italian language and culture outside of the classroom. Each semester, the Italian Club sponsors activities such as Italian films, operas, and get-togethers in the Rochester area.

In addition, many of the meetings and activities take place in Nazareth's Frank DiMino Casa Italiana. Members of the Italian Club share a common bond and interest in Italian culture.

Club Italianissimo welcomes the entire Nazareth community to participate in any of our events during the year. For more information contact the club officers at clubital@mail.naz.edu.

Community Youth Development (CYD) Collective

The Community Youth Development Collective aims to advance the goals of youth development by engaging in "fun with a purpose" leadership and service-learning opportunities.  For more information, email cydc@mail.naz.edu.

El Barrio

The purpose of this club is to provide students a creative and safe space to celebrate the cultural aspects and identities of LatinX and educate in an engaging way through programming on and off-campus. This club also supports creating relationships and hopefully a community with others from and outside the Nazareth University community which has the possibility to unite and advocate for other students who identify as a minority. Contact the group at elbarrio@mail.naz.edu

French Club

The French Club of Nazareth University provides activities through which students and community members may practice the French language and expand their knowledge of French culture and civilization. Various activities such as Dejeuner conversations, gourmet dinners, and weekly films are held in the Maison Francaise. The club is not exclusively for French majors, but for everyone interested in the French language and culture.

For more information contact the club officers at frnchclb@mail.naz.edu.

German Club

The purpose of this organization is to provide all students and faculty the opportunity to foster an understanding and appreciation of German culture and language. Our objective is to provide services to Rochester and other international communities; offer activities in combination with other clubs to strive for the betterment of the student-body; support for the understanding of world cultures; and to work toward a mutual understanding of the world’s people. Contact the group by emailing gerclub@mail.naz.edu

Interfaith Leadership Cohort

The Center for Spirituality Interfaith Leadership Cohort is a group of undergraduate students who meet bi-weekly for dinner, interfaith dialogue, and interfaith leadership skills training. It is made up of student representatives from each of the Center for Spirituality’s religious and spiritual groups along with five officers. Its programs are open to the whole Nazareth community and  include Interfaith Appreciation Week, Interfaith Cafe Nights for interfaith dialogue, Coming out Spiritually, and lunchtime guest speakers that connect spirituality with important current events and issues.

For more information on these and other programs or to get involved with the Center for Spirituality, email spirituality@naz.edu

Intersectional Feminist Alliance

The Intersectional Feminist Alliance at Nazareth University aims to build awareness and understanding about gender as an organizing factor in social, political, and familial institutions and policy. Informed by the field of feminist studies while contributing to an educational environment that promotes diversity and inclusion.  To contact the group, email wgstud@mail.naz.edu.

Lambda Association

Nazareth Lambda Association celebrates diversity and aims to provide resource information about and support for the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender community. We envision a campus community that embraces everyone, including persons of diverse sexual orientations and gender identities. Lambda welcomes the participation and support of all, including our straight allies, who share in and hope to realize this mission.

We hope and believe that our group will continue to grow and develop over the years, helping Nazareth become even more inclusive, welcoming, and safe for the LGBTQ community. All students with open minds are invited to join the Lambda Association.

For more information about the Lambda Association, please e-mail the club officers at lambda@mail.naz.edu.

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LASMA (Spanish Club)

The purpose of the LASMA is to allow interested persons to come in contact with the Spanish language outside of Spanish classes. Also, the club exposes them to areas of Latino and Spanish culture, helps them in gaining an appreciation of both the language and the culture, and provides a chance for those interested in the language and culture to express their views and share a common bond.

Previous events include: weekly Spanish films, cultural dinners, and various festivals.

For more information, please e-mail the club officers at lasma@mail.naz.edu.

For more information, email naz_ua@mail.naz.edu.

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