Learning Outcomes

Through participation in clubs and organizations, students will develop:

Leadership & Self-Understanding
  • Demonstrate event management skills and take ownership of events/activities
  • Utilize time management skills and appropriately prioritize commitments
  • Accept responsibility for their decisions and act with integrity
  • Describe their strengths/weaknesses and determine opportunities for continued growth
Effective Communication & Social Skills
  • Understand their audience and articulate their thoughts/ ideas in a clear, direct and respectful manner
  • Utilize active listening skills; demonstrate integrity and compassion in their interactions with others
Problem Solving & Critical Thinking
  • Identify problems and possible strategies to resolve these issues
  • Choose a strategy and evaluate its effectiveness, revising strategies as needed
  • Understand why a specific strategy was successful and employ the same strategy to similar issues
Teamwork & Collaboration
  • Create organizational goals and collaborate with members to achieve these goals
  • Recognize how each member contributes to the group's success
  • Ask for and utilize feedback from members
Diversity & Inclusion
  • Articulate and demonstrate the values in the College's Statement of Respect & Diversity
  • Collaborate with a diverse range of people to achieve organizational goals
  • Create an environment that supports the free exchange of ideas, concepts, values and viewpoints

Through attendance at events, students will be able to:

  • Recognize the benefits of participation in campus activities
  • Discover and explore their own interests
  • Connect with peers and develop relationships with others in the Nazareth community
  • Observe and examine opinions and beliefs that may differ from their own
  • Express themselves openly and engage with others in a respectful way