Clubs and Organizations

Learn more about the clubs and organizations that provide many of the social, educational, cultural, spiritual, and recreational activities of the Nazareth community.


Active Minds

The goal of the organization is to focus on promoting awareness, increasing education, and removing the stigma around mental health. We also look to create a safe space where students who have a mental illness can feel safe and welcome.

 Contact the group at

Adventure Club

Adventure club encourages students to explore outdoor activities such as skiing, rock climbing, hiking, kayaking, and more. This club allows students to build new relationships with others who have a shared interest for the outdoors. This is also a great way for students to explore the adventures Rochester has to offer. For more info email

American Choral Directors Association (ACDA)

ACDA's purpose is to promote choral singing that provides artistic and spirited experiences for participants, utilize the finest types of choral music to make these experiences possible, hold rehearsals conducive to attaining the highest level possible in musicianship, promote the development of choral societies, and research the field of choral music. To contact the group, email

American Sign Language (ASL) Club

The goal of ASL Club is to expose students to deaf culture and experience it in a way that allows not only something fun and interesting, but also provides positive learning opportunities for students with or without ASL background. The club plans to bring in guest speakers and allow for members to attend deaf events in the area. Rochester area has a large deaf population, so with this club we plan to involve the community in our events in return for them to involve us. ASL Club will provide students interested in the deaf community, a chance to immerse themselves in the community and receive hands on experience.  To contact ASL Club, email

American String Teachers Association (ASTA)

ASTA's purpose is to promote the advancement of string instruments/playing and provide professional development opportunities for future string teachers. To contact the group, email

AMTAS-Naz (Music Therapy)

AMTAS-Naz is the Nazareth University chapter of the American Music Therapy Association for Students. The chapter is dedicated to the professional development of music therapy students at Nazareth University, as well as to advocating for music therapy as a profession within the local community. Notable activities hosted by AMTAS-Naz include community singalongs, club fundraisers, music therapy advocacy letter-writing campaigns, fun club-bonding activities, the Battle of the Beaks fundraiser for Golisano Children’s Hospital, and the annual Nazareth University Music Therapy Mini-Conference. For more information, please contact

Art Club

The purpose of this organization is to strengthen the art department's presence in the Nazareth and Rochester communities and provides enrichment for both art majors and non-majors. This is accomplished through annual events, community service, and through encouragement of all Nazareth community members to learn and express themselves through the visual arts. Contact the club at

Association of Social Work Students (ASWS)

The Association of Social Work Students (ASWS) is the Social Work Department's student organization and falls under the governance of the Undergraduate Association of the college. Its main goals are to help students integrate their social work knowledge, skills, values and life experiences with the academic and social aspects of Nazareth University; to respond to the needs of the local community; and to enhance the presence of undergraduate social work education in Rochester and surrounding areas.

For more information contact the club officers at

Ballroom Club

Ballroom Club provides students with the opportunity to learn new forms of dance, all while exercising and relieving stress. We offer instructions in American-Style Tango, Bachata, East Coast Swing, Meringue, Salsa, West Coast Swing and much more. No dance experience required!!!  Email for more info!

Best Buddies

Best Buddies Club encourages involvement from Nazareth University students both with and without developmental and intellectual disabilities.  The club creates opportunities for one-to-one friendships, volunteer involvement both on campus and in the community as well as leadership opportunities for all involved!  We are an international organization with a individualized chapter at Nazareth University: check out our website  To contact Nazareth's Best Buddies group, email

Black Student Union (BSU)

The Black Student Union (BSU) is a multicultural organization dedicated to strengthening, enhancing, and promoting unity among students of color through social and political action. Our vision is to serve the campus with cultural and educational initiatives as we aim to support and build leaders while fostering a sense of identity for students of color on the Nazareth College campus.  For more info, email

BLM @ Naz

We are a coalition of students presenting an opportunity to gather in space for self-reflection, constructive discussion, and the rethinking of old ideas and ways of thinking in order to promote active participation in addressing and correcting issues of social justice, racial justice, and earth justice.

As a collective of students of various backgrounds, our goal is to create a space where all students have a voice in what goes on at Nazareth and the greater community. In order to accomplish this goal, we need reliable student involvement of all groups of people, no matter their cultural background. This way, those who are privileged can self-educate and move towards educating others in spaces where minorities cannot reach.

To contact the group, email

Book Club

Book Club aims to cultivate a love for reading, critical thinking, and open dialogue among college students. We believe in the power of literature to broaden perspectives, inspire creativity, and connect individuals with diverse ideas and cultures. Gather with fellow book enthusiasts to delve into the pages of thoughtfully selected novels, classics, and contemporary works. Engage in lively discussions that explore themes, characters, and the broader implications of each literary piece. Email


Call4Backup is a gender-inclusive a capella group that is committed to producing high-quality, original a capella arrangements while maintaining a fun, positive, and accepting rehearsal environment. Membership is audition-based. Reach out to the club at

Campus Activities Board (CAB)

CAB is the student run programming board at Nazareth and is comprised of seven committees: Night Life, Major Events, Marketing, Live@Naz, Operations, Off Campus Events and Spirit of Naz. They are responsible for creating and implementing a full calendar of programs each year in addition to planning traditional events including Welcome Week, Formal and Springfest.

If you are interested in joining the Campus Activities Board email

Chinese Club

Chinese Club provides students with the ability to perfect their Chinese language skills and to bring together people interested in the Chinese language, literature, its culture, and its issues. It intends to provide the whole student population with a new place for knowledge, mutual understanding, and fun.

For more information on this club please contact the club officers at

Communications Sciences and Disorders Association (CSDA)

The Communications Science and Disorders Association (CSDA) is a club open to all students who may have an interest in communication disorders and their treatments. CSDA is active in social, professional, and educational events that members will surely enjoy.

Previous events include professional speakers and presentations, professional panel discussions, freshman/sophomore/transfer dinners, end of the year picnics, various community service activities, graduate school information sessions, club bonding activities, campus-wide movie nights, and attendance at national and state conventions.

CSDA is great for students who want more knowledge and experience in the fields of speech-language pathology and audiology. For more information contact the club officers at

Club Italianissimo

Club Italianissimo allows the Nazareth community to come into contact with Italian language and culture outside of the classroom. Each semester, the Italian Club sponsors activities such as Italian films, operas, and get-togethers in the Rochester area.

In addition, many of the meetings and activities take place in Nazareth's Frank DiMino Casa Italiana. Members of the Italian Club share a common bond and interest in Italian culture.

Club Italianissimo welcomes the entire Nazareth community to participate in any of our events during the year. For more information contact the club officers at

Community Youth Development (CYD) Collective

The Community Youth Development Collective aims to advance the goals of youth development by engaging in "fun with a purpose" leadership and service-learning opportunities.  For more information, email

Crocheting for a Cause

The purpose of the organization is to teach interested students to crotchet and knit, but also to give the great opportunity to donate their projects to hospitals, NICUs, to the homeless, nursing homes and more. You can reach out to the club at


Dare2Dance offers a variety of dance opportunities regardless of an individual's dance experience. The club is a non-competitive dance group with a passion for dance and a desire to reach out to the community and to share its talents by volunteering time to instruct children of the community. Also, the club wants to raise awareness of being fit, active, and staying healthy as well as teaching ballet, jazz, and hip-hop to those members who have had no prior dance experience.

For more information, please contact the club officers at

Decks and Dice Club

This club is centered around the tabletop game Decks and Dice. With a commitment to an inclusive environment, D&D Club works to ensure that students of all experience levels feel welcome.

For more information, please contact the club officers at

Early Childhood Education Club
The Early Childhood Club (ECC) is for any undergraduate student interested in working with young children and families. The purpose of the club is to provide a forum for discussion and learning on topics relating to child-serving professions AND to generate awareness and support programs and services that engage children and families in reaching their fullest potential.
Besides being able to add this invaluable experience to your résumé, the ECC provides students with an interprofessional opportunity to explore and learn about a range of topics in the area of children and youth, network with working professionals, and gain leadership skills and valuable knowledge toward improving the lives of children and their families.
Via meetings, outreach & social events the ECC will:
1. Engage with local organizations that serve children through volunteer opportunities.
2. Promote the importance of play and professions that serve children.
Connect with others interested in working with children and families through social experiences and learning/advocacy events both on and off campus.
To contact the club please email
Education Club

The purpose of this organization is to provide an outlet for Nazareth students interested in Education. This club will build relationships with the greater educational community in Nazareth and the Rochester area. In addition, it will establish a clear communication between the School of Education students and faculty. Reach out to the club at

El Barrio

The purpose of this club is to provide students a creative and safe space to celebrate the cultural aspects and identities of LatinX and educate in an engaging way through programming on and off-campus. This club also supports creating relationships and hopefully a community with others from and outside the Nazareth University community which has the possibility to unite and advocate for other students who identify as a minority. Contact the group at

Fermata Thin Air

Fermata Thin Air is a co-ed acappella group made up of people of love singing and want to spend their free time together making beautiful music in a fun and enjoyable way. Contact the group by emailing

French Club

The French Club of Nazareth University provides activities through which students and community members may practice the French language and expand their knowledge of French culture and civilization. Various activities such as Dejeuner conversations, gourmet dinners, and weekly films are held in the Maison Francaise. The club is not exclusively for French majors, but for everyone interested in the French language and culture.

For more information contact the club officers at

Full Out

The purpose of Full Out is to create a 
community of passionate, creative, and collaborative dancers to gain experience in musical theatre choreography and staging. In collaboration with Nazareth University's Musical Theatre Dance professor Paige Cummings, Full Out will bring in industry, guest choreographers to teach master classes to students. In addition, Full Out will choreograph numerous dances to be performed and recorded for members to compile material for dance reels and resumes. Email the group at

Future Business Leaders of American (Phi Beta Lambda)

Through competitions, guest speakers, community service, and collaboration with other clubs and campus partners, FBLA inspires everyone to become better leaders inside and outside of business. To learn more, email

German Club

The purpose of this organization is to provide all students and faculty the opportunity to foster an understanding and appreciation of German culture and language. Our objective is to provide services to Rochester and other international communities; offer activities in combination with other clubs to strive for the betterment of the student-body; support for the understanding of world cultures; and to work toward a mutual understanding of the world’s people. Contact the group by emailing

Gerontology Club

The Gerontology Club is open to all undergraduate students, regardless of academic major, interested in gaining experience working with, and for, older adults. The club functions to:

  • help organize academic lectures and conferences on topics such as Alzheimer's Disease, elder abuse, caregiving, and legislative issues that affect older adults and their families, and caregivers.
  • arrange various volunteering opportunities with local senior living communities and aging service providers such as St. John's, The Friendly Home, the Fairport Baptist Home, and Lifespan.

Members of the Gerontology Club also work together to raise funds for agencies and organizations whose missions are to educate and serve the interests of an aging population.

Interested in service and gerontology? Contact the club officers at

Golden Flyer Investment Fund

The Golden Flyer Investment Fund offers students a hands‐on learning experience to perform investment research and manage a stock portfolio of $200,000. The student team has full latitude to buy, sell and hold stocks in this portfolio through their analysis and discussion.

To contact the group, email

Helping Hands at Nazareth

The purpose of Helping Hands is to provide Nazareth students with opportunities to volunteer and support local organizations in the Rochester area on a consistent basis. Furthermore, the group provides Nazareth students with an opportunity to collaborate and share ideas with the community, crafting service opportunities based off of what would be beneficial to the community.

To contact the group, email

History Club

We at the History Club want to restart our campus's love for history. We're all for local field trips to museums, historical discussions, and obscure historical-based board games. We'll vibe, drink tea, and talk about our favorite periods in history.

To contact the club, email

Interfaith Leadership Cohort (ILC)

The Center for Spirituality Interfaith Leadership Cohort is a group of undergraduate students who meet bi-weekly for dinner, interfaith dialogue, and interfaith leadership skills training. It is made up of student representatives from each of the Center for Spirituality’s religious and spiritual groups along with five officers. Its programs are open to the whole Nazareth community and  include Interfaith Appreciation Week, Interfaith Cafe Nights for interfaith dialogue, Coming out Spiritually, and lunchtime guest speakers that connect spirituality with important current events and issues.

For more information on these and other programs or to get involved with the Center for Spirituality, email

Intersectional Feminist Alliance

The Intersectional Feminist Alliance at Nazareth University aims to build awareness and understanding about gender as an organizing factor in social, political, and familial institutions and policy. Informed by the field of feminist studies while contributing to an educational environment that promotes diversity and inclusion.  To contact the group, email


The InterProfessional Animal-assisted Wellness (IPAW) Club's purpose is to engage students in animal-related wellness activities that promote learning, connection, and service. We encourage students of any major to join us for fun activities and community service with others who are passionate about connecting with animals and people while considering the wellbeing of all. To contact the club, email


Lambda Association (LGBTQ+)

Nazareth Lambda Association celebrates diversity and aims to provide resource information about and support for the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgendered community. We envision a campus community that embraces everyone, including persons of diverse sexual orientation and gender identities. Lambda welcomes the participation and support of all, including our straight allies, who share in and hope to realize this mission. 

Contact the group at

La Casita (Spanish Club)

The purpose of this club is to provide opportunities for interested people to experience the Spanish language and the Hispanic culture. This club should help people gain an appreciation  of this culture by providing events for others to be educated, experience and express their views and share a common bond.

 Contact the group at

Math Club

The purpose of the Math/CIS club is educational and social. Our main purposes are;

  1. To unite majors and non-majors and to encourage a working relationship between them.

  2. To broaden the students’ awareness of computer and mathematical applications not covered in class.

  3. To show students practical applications in the Math and CIS fields

Contact the group at

Marketing Club

The purpose of this organization is to provide students with opportunities to mingle and share thoughts and ideas related to the Marketing major, as well as to promote and facilitate speaking engagements on campus relating to the business world. This organization also intends to organize activities such as agency crawls for its members. We intend to keep our activities very open and appealing to students of various majors, anyone who has interest in hearing about and discussing professional topics will have a great time at our meetings. 

 Contact the group at

Meditation & Mindfulness (M&M) Club

The purpose of the M&M club is to educate, promote, and experience the practices of contemplation and its positive effects on the mind, body and spirit. With resources from great teachers and guides, we will practice and discuss different forms of meditation, from ancient to modern day practices. We will also discuss the methods and benefits of mindful living. The club is open to beginners or those with some experience with meditation. This club will promote students' mental health and well-being in this busy time of life and be a safe-space, and loving community!

 Contact the group at

Musica Mundana

The purpose of the organization is to engage in activities that will enhance interest and knowledge in music history and music theory explored in different mediums. 

Contact the group at

National Association for Music Educators (NAfME)

We, as active members, have the opportunity to enjoy both NAfME and NYSSMA collegiate memberships, to share its responsibilities, and to increase interest, knowledge and productivity in all areas of music education.

NAfME-C & NYSSMA serve as the collegiate division of the National Association for Music Education and is affiliated with the New York State School Music Association, the state affiliate for NAfME-C.

Contact the group at

Nazareth Dance Organization (NDO)

The Purpose of this organization is to provide opportunities to students in support of the Dance program, and Departmentally-sponsored activities, including, but not limited to: performances, workshops, master classes, and conferences representing Nazareth University.

Contact the group at

Naz Composition Club

The Naz Composition Club is dedicated to providing an environment whereby students of Nazareth University can share their music with one another and open the table for discussion of other music. The goal of the club is to bring about a community of passionate students eager to share their enjoyment of music through concerts, masterclasses and in-person events.

Email to contact the club.

Naz Recordz

This club functions as a record label open to all students on campus. It promotes and distributes the music that college students create in order to help them reach a broader audience. Naz Recordz is dedicated to supporting any and all students passionate about music and the music industry. Learn more about the club.

Nursing Club

Nursing Club exists to unify the nursing students at Nazareth University by providing a system of support of faculty and peers. Also, the club provides non-nursing undergraduate students the opportunity to join and participate in fundraising, community service, and gain a knowledge and understanding of the importance of health care issues that particularly relate to nursing. For more information, please contact the club officers at

Oak Tree Program

During specified hours, students who identify as needing aid by means of food are able to visit Colie's Cafe in George Hall and get a set number of products from this on-campus food pantry at no cost. Students who use the pantry remain anonymous, and those who work the pantry are bound by confidentiality.

With the mission of creating a more socially conscious and food-secure campus for all students, while decreasing food waste, Oak Tree Program was created in 2018. It began as a way to provide food to students who are truly in need and lack resources, funding, and support. 

For more information on this club please contact

Also see: Oak Tree Food Pantry

Performance Therapy Club

The purpose of this organization is to strive in growing the next generation of performance therapists. Our goal is to establish interprofessional integration between rehabilitation, physical medicine, and performance in the advancement of knowledge in movement sciences and sports medicine in the effort to enhance health and athletic performance. For more information contact the club officers at

Physical Therapy (PT) Club

Physical Therapy Club strives to provide an educational, social, and charity minded organization for all individuals sharing common interests and future goals relating to physical therapy. Club activities revolve around and promote learning about the physical therapy profession and any related topics. Annual events include: guest speakers, and various volunteer and social activities.

For more information contact the club officers at

Politics & Law Club

The purpose of the organization is to promote conversation, ideas, and theories in a collaborative and welcoming environment. We wish to shine a light on the importance and advantages of studying legal and political matters in our modern day, with the goal of creating a stronger and more comprehensive community here at Nazareth University. We additionally want to advocate for our Political Science and Legal Studies departments on campus, in an effort to expand opportunities for students, resources for programs, and diversity of perspectives. Want more info? Email

Pre-Health Professionals Club

The Pre-Health Professionals Club is geared towards those students interested in pursuing a career in any of the various health related fields. Most club members are those who are pursuing minors in pre-med, pre-dental, and pre-vet, but those students who are interested in other medical fields such as podiatry or optometry are also encouraged to join. The focus of the club is to bring together, in both a social as well as an academic setting, those students who share a common career goal.

The club also prides itself on its dedication to the community, as members have participated in a wide variety of community service activities. These include bowling with the Special Olympics, a Valentine's Day party with the Sisters of St. Joseph's Neighborhood Center, and taking part in both the Breast Cancer and MS walks in Rochester.

All students are invited to contact the club officers at

Psychology Club

The Psychology Club's purpose is to bring knowledge and understanding about issues of mental health to the Nazareth community through education and service activities. Goals for this club include: introducing students to careers in Psychology, encouraging interaction with the department faculty, participation from students with other majors, and providing service opportunities in the field of mental health and well-being.

For more information contact the club officers at

Residence Hall Council (RHC)

Residence Hall Council (RHC) is an organization that represents resident student interests and concerns on campus. The council acts as a student advocate organization, in addition to providing activities for the resident population. Some of the activities sponsored in part by RHC are: Siblings Weekend, Halloween Mixer, the campus movie channel, and the Volleyball Tournament.

For more information contact the officers at


Science Club

The Nazareth University Science Club is committed to presenting science as a diverse and exciting field to students and the community. Science Club members are involved in several social and community service activities.  Students of the club have volunteered with the Adopt-a-School Program, which brings science into fourth grade classrooms. Additionally, students have volunteered to work with kids during National Chemistry Week demonstrations at the Rochester Museum and Science Center.

For more information, contact the club officers at

Special Olympics at Naz

The Special Olympics @ Naz club brings together Nazareth students and individuals with intellectual disabilities to support inclusion and acceptance on campus and in the community. Through sports and leadership opportunities students build friendships, develop leadership skills, and help lead the movement for acceptance and respect. To contact the group, email

Student Occupational Therapy Association (SOTA)

The Student Occupational Therapy Association is an organization that focuses on the impact and current issues that affect the Occupational Therapy profession. It is a student run club through which all OT students and faculty have a part in promoting occupational therapy through various learning and fundraising experiences.  The organization will facilitate communication between our members and the professional community. Furthermore, Occupational Therapy students will engage in educational, service, and social opportunities.

Lastly, we will promote interest not only in our fellow peers, but the community as well. Creating a fully integrated experience throughout the Nazareth campus will bring a greater awareness to the Occupational Therapy Program. If you are interested in this club do not hesitate to contact the club officers at

Theatre League

Nazareth's Theatre League is an active student group dedicated to exposing students to theatre and the arts. The Theatre League plays a large role in producing all four Theatre Department productions, as well as other small-scale productions. The league also holds other club activities and events including acting workshops and trips to area theatre events. Most of all, the Theatre League has a lot of fun producing first-rate theatre!

For more information, contact the club officers at

USITT Nazareth Chapter (theatre tech)

The Nazareth Chapter of the United States Institute for Theatre Technology provides classes and events to help students further their knowledge on the technical side of theatre. Additionally, the organization provides students who are interested in theatre design and technology with opportunities for networking and assistance in getting jobs and internships within the field. To contact the group, email

WNAZ The Beat (radio station)

WNAZ is the University's radio station made up of student DJs who host weekly broadcasts featuring their favorite music genres. The station can be streamed online at If you're interested in hosting your own show, email WNAZ at

Women in the Industry

The Women in the Industry at Nazareth University is dedicated to cultivating networking opportunities within Nazareth and beyond with the goal of informing members about the withstanding roles within the music industry. To contact the group, email

Womens Rubgy

The Women’s Rugby Club is an opportunity for students to learn a new sport, meet some amazing people, and have fun (in a competitive manner)! We are a new club on campus, but have already grown tremendously! This club was created to empower its players and engage them in the game. While this is a contact sport, we try our best to have a healthy balance between our practices and students' class schedule, school work load, and work schedules. We are in the process of playing at a competitive level and hope to have new players join us!!

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