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Student Health Information and  Immunization Requirements


COVID-19 vaccination. Nazareth College is requiring all students to complete COVID-19 vaccination for the 2021-22 academic year and to provide documentation by July 31, 2021. Limited exemptions, such as religious and medical, will be granted, and reasonable accommodations provided under applicable law. See COVID-19 Vaccine Requirement for more information.


Also, New York States requires college students taking six or more credits and born after 1957 to demonstrate immunity to measles, mumps, and rubella, and to receive information on (or the vaccine for) meningococcal meningitis. This requires receiving two doses of the MMR vaccine, or proof of immunity, and documentation on meningococcal vaccine. 

Required: All new students (including commuter students) must complete the following FIVE steps to be eligible to start classes (and for residential students to move onto campus):

1. Obtain a copy of your immunization record from your doctor's office, previously attended college, the military, or your high school.

2. Starting 48 hours after your deposit is paid to Nazareth College, you can log in to our health portal using your MyNaz username (such as ksmith2) and password.

Health Portal

3. Manually enter your immunization dates (including COVID-19 vaccination), health insurance information, and health history (include all medications, illness/conditions, surgeries, and hospital visits. Please include any COVID-19 related lab/medical documentation (positive test and/or illness).

4. Upload a copy of your official immunization record directly into the portal as well, including your COVID-19 vaccine card. Instructions are provided in the portal. Save a copy of your immunization record & vaccine card, as you may need this information in the future.

5. Consequences for not meeting these requirements:

  • Students who have not submitted their proof of vaccination for the state-required vaccines (MMR and the meningitis vaccine or waiver) by the start of the semester will incur a non-refundable fee of $100 charged to their student account, and they will be unable to register for classes for the following semester.
  • For the COVID-19 vaccine requirement, students who are not fully vaccinated, who do not apply and qualify for an exemption, and/or do not present vaccination documentation will be disenrolled from the College after 30 days, as the College considers the vaccination requirement a health and safety rule for all members of the community.

Questions? Contact Health Services,, or 585-389-2500.

Health Form Deadlines

  • Fall semester students: July 31
  • Spring semester students: November 29
  • Summer A&B: April 29
  • Summer Start, and HEOP/Young Scholars: July 10

Need Your Records?

Former Students: If you are a former Naz student, you will need to call the office to request a copy of your records.  Please call 585-389-2500.

Current Students: If you enrolled, after the Spring semester of 2015, and submitted your immunizations online to the Naz Student Health Portal, you may get copies of your immunization information through the portal until you graduate.

What health supplies to bring to college

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