Health and Counseling

Wellness Outreach and Prevention

  • Wellness outreach and prevention services offers a variety of fun and exciting outreach educational programs, presentations, and services on different health topics. Programs focus on topics such as use of alcohol and other drugs, physical fitness, nutrition, sleep hygiene, stress management, healthy relationships, sexual health, mindfulness, suicide prevention, positive body image, self care, and many others.
  • Other programs:
    • Student Health Advisory Committee
    • Student Public Health Ambassador program
    • Big Flyer/Little Flyer new student engagement mentorship program
    • COVID surveillance testing
    • Flu vaccine clinics
  • A variety of wellness outreach and health promotion programs are routinely offered on-campus throughout the year. We invite you to connect with us, join in the fun, and take proactive steps to live a happy and healthy life.

Request a Program

Faculty, staff and organized student groups can request interactive programs/presentations focused on building specific skills, for a wide variety of health topics. We have a robust offering of comprehensive programs and presentations, and we will work with you to customize the program/presentation to meet your needs. 

Email John Rigney,