Center for International Education


Each year thousands of students travel to Hungary to study and live the European experience. Hungary is familiar with accepting a multitude of cultures through its borders.  It is a country that is geographically positioned at the crossroads of four different cultures, including the Byzantine, Slavic, Latin, and Germanic cultures.

Hungary offers exciting possibilities to discover a city rich in history and culture.  The Hungarian education system is known for its excellence and is recognized all around the world.  Hungary offers a multitude of options so that one can get acquainted with the European culture and learn more about the world.  At Nazareth College, we partner with three Hungarian universities:

University of Pannonia: Literature, foreign languages, social sciences, engineering, economics.

University of Pécs: Biology, business, chemistry, computer science, mathematics, nursing, physics, nursing, psychology and more.

Semmelweis University Faculty of Health Sciences: Nursing, physiotherapy, optometry, nutrition, and other health science concentrations.

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Rachel Quashnoc '10

"Being the nature-lover that I am, Merigot Island is my new favorite place in Budapest! Being on the island was like stepping into a completely different world. Here, you could escape all of the hustle and bustle of the city and relax."