One of the oldest higher education institutions in Europe, the University of Pécs sprawls across the slopes of the Mecsek mountains of southwest Hungary. The university's roots date back to the Middle Ages, when it was established by Anjou King Louis the Great in 1367. The University of Pécs offers various educational, cultural, sporting, and recreational opportunities. Many courses are offered in English within the humanities and business programs.

Program Details


Students pay Nazareth University tuition and retain their full Nazareth financial aid packages.


The University of Pécs offers student accommodations in international dorms.  Students apply and pay for housing directly with the university. There are no meal plans offered, but students have access to meal option locations both on campus and within the city center.

The university is close to the heart of the city and students can walk or ride the bus to Pécs's many shopping centers, movie theaters, restaurants, cultural events, concerts, etc.


A list of courses can usually be found on the university web and/or provided by the international office of the university.

  • Fall Semester (September-December): May 15
  • Spring Semester (February-June): November 15

At A Glance

Term: Fall or Spring

Program Level: Undergraduate

Program Type: Academic

Major(s): Literature, History, Art, Business

Language Requirements: None

Minimum GPA Requirement: 3.0