Center for International Education

Virtual International Courses

Participate in an international course with one or more of Nazareth's international partners from the comfort of your own home here in the U.S.! 

Receive academic credit at no additional cost to you as it is considered a Nazareth course. 

Learn from scholars in Costa Rica, Germany or Italy!


Virtual international courses will be offered once again - this summer! Use your SPARK Grant to complete one or more of the following courses through our Italian partner, SRISA.

Virtual Summer 2021 International Courses

Available Courses
Cost & Funding

International Courses Offered thru Naz Partnerships

Studienforum (Berlin, Germany)
ICADS (Costa Rica)
SRISA (Italy)

Funding for International Courses

Participating in a virtual international course through one of CIE's third party providers is at no additional cost to you; it is part of your semester tuition package already and the CIE absorbs any remaining costs affiliated with the course.

Views from Abroad

    Dana Damiani & Virtual Classmates, '21
    Dana Damiani in Spain, '21UG
    Dana Damiani in Morocco, '21UG
    Dana Damiani in Hungary, '21UG

    Student viewpoint: Dana Damiani '21

    What interested you in participating in a virtual international course?
    What do you think of the courses thus far?
    What has been challenging/rewarding?
    How have you adjusted to time differences or how have the professors overseas been accommodating?
    What have you learned from your peers/professor(s) that make the course(s) valuable?
    Why would you recommend Naz students participate in a virtual international course?
    How do you plan to showcase this experience on your resume or during a job interview later on?
    Where do you want to travel next and why?