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Improve your Italian speaking fluency while immersed in the culture of Italy. It is suggested that potential candidates have some Italian language experience, unless applying for the program for non-Italian speakers.

Program Highlights:

  • Study abroad for one semester or a full year at the Universita degli Studi G. D'Annunzio.
  • Open to all majors; students enroll in several departments (Literature and Philosophy, Foreign Languages and Literatures, Economics and Political Science, and Architectures)┬ádepending on their interests and major requirements.
  • Many classes are offered in English.
  • Internships are available.
  • Students live in apartments with other Italian college students and receive monthly stipends to pay for meals.
  • Activities and field trips are organized; students participate regularly in social and cultural events with Italian college students.

Program Details

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About Pescara
Pescara, Italy

Amy Dana '15

"We loved our home in Pescara, not only for its beach (walking distance from our apartment) but for its people. Pescara was not a big tourist city like Rome or Florence. It was all locals. Because of this, we got to experience the real Italian culture. All the locals were so welcoming and hospitable. We made some life-long friends and each of us hopes to return to this amazing country someday."

Send forms to the Program Director:

Maria Rosaria Vitti-Alexander

Maria Rosaria Vitti-Alexander

Professor of Italian / Director of the Study Abroad for Pescara & Florence Italy / Coordinator of Casa Italiana in Foreign Languages & Literature
Coordinator of Casa Italiana in Casa Italiana
Golisano Academic Center 393