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Be one of two students selected for our short-term summer internship program in Los Ángeles De Chile. It will provide you first-hand experience in research and shadowing hours, while exposing you to a new culture and language in the preparation for Medical School.

Program Highlights:

  • Spend one to three months abroad at the Universidad de Concepción, Los Ángeles campus in Chile shadowing and observing medical procedures with licensed Chilean physicians.
  • Be immersed with the Chilean culture by teaching students English in a classroom setting, while learning Spanish.
  • Interact with bilingual doctors and experience different techniques within their practice.
  • Dorm with Chilean students to enrich your exposure to the culture's customs and people during your stay. 

Program Details

Application Deadlines
Travel Documents

At A Glance

Semester: Summer A

Program Level: Undergraduate

Program Type: Internship

Major(s): Pre-Health

Language Requirements: Intermediate Spanish

Cumulative GPA Requirement: 3.0

Stephen G. Tajc

Stephen G. Tajc

Associate Professor of Organic Chemistry & Department Chair in Chemistry and Biochemistry
Peckham Hall 235
Emily Marchese

Emily Marchese

Assistant Director of Global Experiential Learning in Internship Program
Assistant Director in Internship Programs in Center for Life's Work
Golisano Academic Center 109