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Need a few credits to graduate? Options:

  • 1 credit courses at Naz
    • Equitable Spaces (EQS) courses – 1 credit. Students can take more than one EQS course in the same semester. Search subject “EQS” in the course catalog to see available options. These are offered every fall/spring semester and may meet liberal arts criteria.
    • CDL*200 Job Search & Professional Preparation course– 1 credit. This is offered every fall/spring semester, however, it does not meet liberal arts criteria.
  • Independent Study – 1, 2, or 3 credits. Consult with faculty advisor and complete an “Independent Study” form through Registration and Records. These are available every fall/spring semester. Many meet liberal arts, check with Registration and Records to be sure.
  • Transfer credit – 1 or more credits. Consult with for options (including liberal arts if needed) at other institutions.

Class Listings by Semester

Prospective or Non-Matriculated Students

Check Course Section Catalog for the most up to date information and current offerings:

  • click Advanced Search
  • select the term from the drop down menu
  • select Undergraduate or Graduate for the Academic Level

Note: Undergraduate students starting their first semester do not register themselves; Academic Advisement registers undergraduate students. Graduate students register themselves after they get advisement from their Program Director.

Current Graduate Students

Check NazNet Self-Service for the most up-to-date listings. See course registration information.

Current Undergraduate Students

Check NazNet Self-Service for the most up to date listings. See course registration information.