Acadeum Course Share

Nazareth students can access the Acadeum catalog of online courses!

Nazareth is part of the Acadeum College Consortium, a group of like-minded accredited colleges and universities that support students’ college completion goals by sharing online course offerings. 

Each year we identify several courses offered through Acadeum schools during the summer that are equivalent to Naz PEQ courses. If you are interested in enrolling in one of these courses, be sure to discuss your plans with your advisor first and then log in to the Acadeum Course Share Platform to start the registration process. We will provide an updated list each Spring.

Taking approved courses through Acadeum offers several advantages to the traditional transfer credit process:

  • Acadeum courses are transcribed on your Nazareth transcript as a Nazareth course.
  • You can apply for financial aid through Nazareth to assist with the cost of Acadeum courses.
    • Standard Nazareth financial aid policies and processes apply. Please contact Financial Aid ( if you have any questions about aid eligibility.
    • Students receiving veteran benefits should check with Dillon Smith,, for important information regarding the use of veteran benefits for online courses.
  • You can improve your Nazareth GPA by substituting a course grade earned through the consortium for the course previously taken at Nazareth (if eligible for repeat).
  • No need to navigate registration and billing processes at another institution. These processes are all managed at Nazareth after a student requests a course through the Acadeum Course Share Platform

Frequently Asked Questions

What courses are available through Acadeum?

We are starting our membership in Acadeum by offering equivalents to several PEQ courses that are not available through Nazareth this summer. For each PEQ, the Department Chairperson at Nazareth has reviewed the course description, syllabus and other course materials and has verified that the course is equivalent to the identified PEQ at Nazareth.

How do I request registration in an Acadeum course?

If you are interested in taking a course through the Acadeum Consortium, review the list of available courses with your advisor to determine if one of the courses fits with your degree requirements. Then, login to the Acadeum Course Share Platform (you will need to create an account) to select the course and section you are interested in enrolling in. After completing the request process you will receive an email notification that your request is being reviewed.

What happens once I have submitted my request?

Registration and Records will review your request taking into consideration eligibility (e.g., do you need the course, do you have any registration holds, has the prerequisite(s) been met) and will either approve or deny the request. To help with this process, you should enter in the comments section the reason for taking an Acadeum Course. After you submit an Acadeum Course request, Registration and Records will e-mail you either:

  • Denied, which may require you to respond with additional information.
  • Approved, which gives you information and the course fee that will be charged.
How am I billed for the Acadeum course?

Nazareth (“The Home Institution”) will bill you for courses offered through Acadeum at the current per credit rate. Billing will follow all Nazareth pricing, billing procedures, and deadlines for the period in which the Acadeum course takes place. You are responsible for all learning material costs, including textbooks, as determined by the teaching institution.

Liability for dropped courses will follow the Student Accounts' Policy on the Reduction of Charges however your charge cannot be less than the Acadeum course cost to Nazareth if you drop after the end of our add/drop period.

What if I decide to drop or withdraw from the Acadeum course?

The add and drop dates are set by the teaching institution. You should review the syllabus closely for the assigned dates and any required course fees.If you decide not to take the course(s) you are registered for, you must contact Nazareth’s Registration and Record's Office,, so they can process the drop or withdrawal through Acadeum.

How does grading work?

You are initially registered for a placeholder course — ACDM*100 — for the appropriate number of credits. Once the teaching institution provides the grade at the end of the course (normally within 2 weeks of the course end date), the placeholder course is replaced with the Nazareth equivalency course and the grade is posted to your record.


If you have any questions about the Acadeum College Consortium, please contact Registration and Records at or 585-389-2800.

Though all courses are approved, all registrations are still dependent on Nazareth approval on a student-by-student basis.