Enrollment Verification & Loan Deferral

Enrollment Verifications

The Registration and Records Office is responsible for completing enrollment verifications each term. These can take a variety of forms, but generally are needed by students to support such things as financial aid scholarships and loans, student discounts, dental and health insurance, apartment rentals, and auto loans. The Registration and Records Office provides enrollment information to the National Student Clearinghouse who in turn provides most insurance companies and lenders enrollment information of Nazareth students.

If you need an enrollment verification sent to you, please email a request to reg@naz.edu. Please allow 2 business days for the enrollment verification to be sent to you.


We will officially certify your enrollment only for the term(s) in which you are actually enrolled. Enrollments for a future term are processed after the first day of the new term.

Enrollment data is submitted regularly to the National Student Clearinghouse, and in turn they respond to your lenders based on your current enrollment and eligibility for loan deferment. Remember, from the Clearinghouse site you can select ‘View the student loan deferment notifications’ to see what information has been provided to your loan lenders and guarantors.