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Most forms are interactive PDFs, download form and save it to fill it out and return it. If the form requires an approval signature we will also accept an email confirmation in place of a signature.

Other forms are e-docs which require your username and password to log in and submit.

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Absence Notification for Sanctioned Activity/Event
Academic Policy Exceptions and Course Substitutions
Add a Credit to a Course
Add/Drop a course
Address change
Chosen Name, Personal Pronouns, and/or Gender Identity Change
Community Members: Register for Classes
Grant permission to share records (FERPA)
Independent Study Request
Pass/Fail Request
Seniors Taking Graduate-Level Courses
Repeating a Course More Than Once
Study Abroad
Take a Class at Another Rochester Area College (RAC)
Time Conflicts
Transfer Credit
Tutorial Request

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Undergraduate Student Forms Frequently Needed

Graduate Student Forms Frequently Needed

  • Add/Drop (UG and GR)
  • Audit Approval (GR)
  • Grade Appeal Process (GR)
  • Graduate Student Petition (GR)
  • Independent Study Form (GR)
  • Leave of absence/Withdrawal
    • Contact your Program Director to discuss the leave of absence and withdrawal options
    • Contact the Financial Aid and Student Accounts offices to be sure you understand the financial considerations associated with the leave of absence/withdrawal.
      • After discussing with your Program Director and checking with Financial Aid and Student Accounts, use your Nazareth student email account (for identification purposes) to email your Program Director confirmation of your decision to take a leave of absence or withdrawal.
      • If courses are in progress, specify if you wish to process the leave/withdrawal immediately and be withdrawn from courses or if the leave/withdrawal is to go into effect at the end of the current semester.
    • The Program Director will forward that email to the Student Success office ( to confirm that the necessary discussion with the student has taken place.
    • The Student Success office processes the leave/withdrawal, updating the student record accordingly.
  • Non-matriculated Application (GR)
  • Transfer Credit Approval (GR)
  • Tutorial Form (GR)
  • See Graduate Services for additional information and forms