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GRADUATE STUDENTS, please see: Graduate Student Forms.

Most forms are interactive PDFs. Download the form and save it, to fill it out and return it. If the form requires an approval signature, we will accept an email confirmation in place of a signature.

Some forms are e-docs, which require your username and password to log in and submit.

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Absence Notification for Sanctioned Activity/Event

Form: Notification of Absence Form

Process:  Students participating in Nazareth-sanctioned activities shall not be penalized for an absence due to the activity as long as the student notifies the instructor prior to the absence according to the procedures outlined on the form. This means that students will be allowed to make up any work missed due to the excused absence without penalty, and the absence will not be counted against the students. For more information about missing classes see "Attendance" in the Academic Policies and Procedures section of the catalog.

Academic Policy Exceptions and Course Substitutions

Form: Undergraduate Degree Requirement Petition

Process: Exceptions to specific academic policies, or any changes/course substitutions to your major or the core must be made through the petition process.

  • Change or substitution to CORE: Advisor and Director of the Core must sign
  • Change or substitution to MAJOR requirement: Advisor and Department Chairperson must sign
  • Change or substitution to MINOR requirement: Program Director of minor (if applicable) or Department Chairperson must sign
Add a Credit to a Course

Form: Undergraduate Registration Petition

Signatures Required: Advisor and Course Instructor

Process: In certain circumstances, students may request to add a credit to a course for which they are registered. If approved, additional work will be required, as determined by the instructor. A summary of the extra work to be completed must  be attached to the petition at the time it is handed in.

Add/Drop a course

During First Week of Classes in Fall/Spring

Form: Add/Drop Form

Students may add and/or drop a course with no "W" grade through the first week of the semester.

  • New Students in 1st Semester
    • Use:  Add/Drop Form to make schedule changes.
    • Advisor signature or email approval required. Changes to ENGW*101, ACS*101, or .F courses also require approval from
  • Returning Students not in 1st Semester
    • Use: NazNet to make schedule changes. 
    • If the course is full or has a rule preventing registration,  get email approval from the instructor or chair and forward to

After First Week of Classes in Fall/Spring

Students may withdraw from a course through the deadline posted on the Academic Calendar. A grade of 'W' will be posted on the academic transcript which does not impact GPA. Students may not add courses after the first week of classes.

  • ALL Undergraduate Students (new and returning):
    • Use: Drop Form to drop courses. 
    • Advisor approval required before processing. Instructors will be notified once processed. Schedule change will be visible on NazNet. Check with if dropping below 12 credits.
    • Note: this is an e-doc form and you will need to log in with your Naz username and password to access and submit. Log in again to check on the status of advisor approval if needed.

Please see Academic Calendar for summer deadlines on adding and dropping courses.

Address change

Update your home mailing address here (requires myNaz login), or stop in the Registration & Records office for a paper form.


Form: None. Select "Audit" when registering through NazNet; after the first week of classes, Registration & Records Office can adjust this status until the deadline.

Process: Only non-matriculated students need to complete an audit form (see Community Members section below), which must be signed by the Department Chairperson.

A student may register to audit a course and is expected to participate in the work of the course. Auditors do not take the final examination. No credit is earned and no grade is given by auditing. Students may audit undergraduate courses on a space-available basis, subject to the audit fee when applicable.

Independent studies, directed studio projects, tutorials, internships, and skills-based courses (music lessons, studio courses, dance technique classes, labs) cannot be audited. Audits are not allowed for professional courses.

The audit fee is typically one-third of the tuition charge for the course plus applicable fees. Auditing a three-credit undergraduate class counts as one billing credit for a full-time undergraduate student. Note: Nazareth alumni and senior citizens may audit undergraduate courses for a reduced fee. For more information, see Student Accounts website for details:

Chosen Name, Personal Pronouns, and/or Gender Identity Change

The Registration & Records office supports LGBTQ+ students, and is committed to a gender inclusive community. Students have the option to select a Chosen First Name, update personal pronouns, and select gender identity in NazNet Self-Service (click on person/user name icon in upper right hand toolbar, then User Profile, then Edit Personal Identity). What happens next? Want to change your display name in Gmail? Follow these guidelines!

Chosen Name and Gender Identity Guidelines (pdf)

Text version of pdf:

To submit changes: Click "user profile" in NazNet. When you're done, here's what will happen next.

If you added personal pronouns to your record, they will show in:

  • Your user profile in NazNet Self-Service Student Planning when your advisor(s) logs into your record 
  • Class rosters in NazNet Self-Service (Faculty see your name and pronouns on their class lists.) 
  • Nazareth online Directory

If you selected a chosen first name (CFN) that is different from your legal first name:

  • Within 2 business days, Campus Safety will reprint your ID card showing your CFN. Stop by Campus Safety and pick up your new card!
  • CFN will show on class rosters, NazNet Self-Service & Student Planning, Moodle, Starfish, Handshake, NazAlert and the Naz online Directory.
  • The College must use legal first name on financial and student accounts records, as well as academic transcripts.
  • To protect student privacy, mailings home also use legal first name.

You also can take this step: Change the name on your Naz Gmail account

Need help? Contact the Naz Help Desk, 585-389-2111,, or by stopping at the desk in the lower level of the library.

The following form is for students who have completed a legal name and/or gender change who are seeking to update their student record.

Form: Gender Change (for legal changes only) (with option of name change)

Process: Students bring completed form, with the required documentation (see form) to Registrar's Office in Smyth 1.

Community Members: Register for Classes


Process: Not part of the Nazareth community yet? If you want to take a course for credit, complete the non-matriculated approval form, and submit the form to the Registration and Records Office. To audit an undergraduate course, complete the audit form, with required Department Chair signature, and return to the Registration & Records Office. Note: Audit fee is one-third of the regular course tuition.

Grant permission to share records (FERPA)

Our Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) webpage has information and the disclosure permission forms needed for Nazareth to share certain information about you. (You may want to sign this waiver so that staff in financial aid and student accounts can talk with your parents about your financial record.)

Independent Study Request

Form: Independent Study/Tutorial

Signatures Required: Faculty Supervisor and Department Chairperson

Process: The purpose of independent study is to delve into a special area of interest within the student's major that is beyond the scope of any of the College's current offerings. The student undertaking such a project should have good background preparation in the subject.

The following policies apply:

1) Independent study is available to juniors or seniors who are matriculated into a Nazareth degree program, and who have a cumulative average of 2.5 (no exceptions to GPA requirement).

2) No more than two independent study courses may be undertaken in any one department

3) An independent study course (for 1, 2, or 3 credits) may be taken only during the regular academic year (fall and spring only). Each credit hour requires the equivalent of 15 classroom hours plus additional work.

4) Only one independent study course may be taken per semester.

5) A student must complete a written proposal and obtain approvals prior to the deadline date specified in the academic calendar for adding a course. Once form is approved and signed, Registration & Records Office registers students into the independent study (no registration through NazNet).

Order a Nazareth Diploma Reprint

Alumni who graduated before June 1, 2023, may request a Nazareth University diploma, signed by Nazareth University's president and provost.


  • Alumni requests for reprints will be free, compliments of Nazareth's Alumni Engagement office, for one year, until May 31, 2024.
  • After that, there is a nominal charge for such reprints.


All other reasons for diploma reprints can be submitted using the Diploma Reorder Form.


Form: Undergraduate Registration Petition

Signatures Required: Advisor and Chair

Process: Overloads of more than 19 credits may be permitted when a student’s GPA is 2.75 or higher through the petition process; this requires approval by the academic advisor and the chairperson of the student’s major. Beyond 19 hours, the overload tuition rate per credit is charged.

First-semester freshman and transfer students may not carry overloads.

Pass/Fail Request

Please refer to the Academic Calendar for the deadline for Pass/Fail elections. Once the deadline for a semester has passed, any Pass/Fail requests will be denied!

Form: Pass/Fail Form.

Note: this is an e-doc form and you will need to log in with your Naz username and password to access and submit.

Approvals Required: Instructor and Advisor

See Pass/Fail Grading Information. 

Seniors Taking Graduate-Level Courses

Form: Undergraduate Petition

Policy: Undergraduate Students Taking Graduate Courses

Signatures Required: Advisor, Graduate Program Director

Process: Nazareth University students who are in their final year of their undergraduate degree, and who are in good academic standing, may register for one or more courses at the graduate level per semester for a total of up to 12 graduate credits (pending approvals noted below). Students who are enrolled in a combination of undergraduate and graduate credit, for a total of 12-19 credit hours per semester, may register in a maximum of 6 graduate credits and a minimum of 6 undergraduate credits per semester.

Federal loan eligibility requires that students must enroll in a minimum of six UNDERGRADUATE credit hours if they are combining undergraduate and graduate coursework.

Note that after week 1, there is no reduction in liability for students billed at the full time undergraduate rate who drop some but not all classes.


Repeating a Course More Than Once

Form: Undergraduate Petition

Signatures Required: Advisor and Chairperson of the department in which the course resides

Process: Permission to repeat a course more than once must be granted prior to enrollment in the course (courses can be repeated once if a grade less than "C" is earned); the new grade will replace the original in the GPA -- even if the new grade is lower, although credit for the course will be granted only once.

Study Abroad

Form: Study Abroad Course Approval and Posting Form (all programs)

Explore Study Abroad options.

Take a Class at Another Rochester Area College (RAC)

Form: Inter-Institutional (RAC) Registration Form

Signatures Required: Chairperson, Home/Visiting School Registrar, Transfer Credit Evaluator (Academic Advisement)

Process: Undergraduate students who are enrolled in a minimum of 12 credits may take an undergraduate class at another Rochester Area College at no additional charge. Credit is not earned for grades lower than a C-. Earned credit is recorded on the Nazareth record as transfer credit. Note: This program is not open to part-time students; it does not apply to summer sessions, music lessons, internships, or field-based professional courses. See the list of participating Rochester Area Colleges.

Time Conflicts

Form: Undergraduate Registration Petition 
Note - for Music Ensemble (ENS course) time conflicts use Ensemble Time Conflict Form

Signatures Required: Instructors of both courses
Note - Ensemble Time Conflict requires only signature of ENS instructor

Process: Requests for time exceptions for courses whose meeting times conflict or have a small overlap with each other may be made through the petition process with the signature of both instructors.

Transfer Credit

Form: Transfer Credit Approval Form. Note: for study abroad programs see Study Abroad section above.

Signatures Required: Advisor, Transfer Credit Evaluator (Academic Advisement); under certain circumstances Department Chairperson signature may be required. Comprehensive information, and course equivalencies, can be found on the Academic Advisement Transferring Credits webpage.

Process: Students can request to transfer credits from other colleges. The transfer credit form, which requires advisor approval, should be completed prior to enrolling in courses elsewhere to ensure the course(s) will transfer. A grade of C- or better is required in order to transfer the credit. Grades for courses accepted in transfer are not included in the Nazareth GPA. This process originates with the Office of Academic Advisement. Note that an official transcript showing the final grade from the other institution must be on file before any courses can be posted to your Nazareth record.

Tutorial Request

Form: Independent Study/Tutorial Form

Signatures Required: Faculty Supervisor and Department Chairperson

Process: A tutorial is a regular course taken out of sequence to meet requirements for graduation or for a professional program (applicable mainly to transfer students making up work in a series of sequentially offered courses). Completed forms are returned to the Registration & Records Office. Tutorials may be taken for 1, 2, or 3 credits -- in keeping with the credits of the regular offering of the course in question -- and are permitted only in fall and spring semesters (no summer tutorials). Tutorials are available to juniors or seniors who have a cumulative average of 2.5. You cannot register for a tutorial through NazNet. Submit the completed form to the Registration & Records Office.

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