Course Registration (Undergrad and Grad)


Undergraduate Student Registration Info

Undergrad Registration Instructions

For your first semester of study, you are registered through the office of Academic Advisement.

For semesters after that, you register on your own:

Undergrad Registration Timeline

Link to registration timeline - Fall 2024 Timeline

Fall Semester Registration

  • Mid-March: Courses are available for viewing on Student Planning for the upcoming fall term.
  • Late March/early April: Advisement for course selection occurs. Undergraduate students must meet with their advisor(s) to be approved for registration.
  • Early April: Undergraduate students register for fall courses.

Spring Semester Registration

  • Mid-October: Courses are available for viewing on Student Planning for the upcoming spring term.
  • Late October/early November: Advisement for course selection occurs. Undergraduate students must meet with their advisor to be approved for registration.
  • Early November: Undergraduate students register for spring courses.

Summer Registration

  • Early January: Courses are available for viewing on Student Planning for the upcoming summer terms. There are two summer sessions offered at Nazareth. The first session (Summer A) usually runs from mid-May until the end of June. The second session (Summer B) runs from late June until early August. See the academic calendar for specific dates.
  • Mid-January: Undergraduate students may register for summer courses through Student Planning as of the first day of the spring semester. Advisor approval is not required to register for summer courses, but students should discuss this with their advisor(s).
  • Upon completion, summer courses taken at Nazareth will be posted to transcripts in the usual manner and calculated into the GPA.
Advisement for Undergrads

Undergraduate students: You must be approved for registration by your advisor(s) each semester.

Dates are published each semester for the official advisement period, although you are encouraged to make an appointment with your advisor at any time to discuss your educational planning and academic issues.

In your NazNet Self-Service account (Academics > Student Planning section), your advisor's name is listed under "Plan & Schedule" and then select the Advising tab.

For more information about advisement: Academic Advisement website.

Returning Undergrad Students

After the first semester, register online using Student Planning in NazNet Self-Service.

New Undergrad Students

You are registered for your first semester through the Academic Advisement Center.

  • First-year students are registered through completion of a registration questionnaire.
  • Transfer students attend an academic orientation session for advisement and registration.

New students: View your course schedule through Student Planning on the "Plan & Schedule" screen after a designated date.

Contact Academic Advisement at 585-389-2871 to make any schedule changes.

Searching for DEIB classes

Undergraduate students who entered Nazareth in fall 2023 or after are required to take a course in Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging (DEIB). 

Instructions for searching for DEIB classes »

Course Codes

"CourseCodes" are listed in the course description on Student Planning:

A - Required for majors
B - Open to non-majors
C - Open to non-majors with department approval
F - For majors only
G - Instructor's approval required
H - Not open to freshmen
I - Admission by invitation only
J - Required for all certification programs
L - Required for inclusive childhood/childhood certification
M - Required for adolescence certification
N - Open to non-majors only
O - Audition required
P - Min of 40 hrs. production work required
Q - Min of 15 hrs. production work required
R - Liberal arts
S - Studio course

Undergrad Waitlists

If you need or want to take a course that is closed, you MUST put yourself on the waitlist for the course. If you are on a waitlist and a seat becomes available in the course, you will be notified through your Nazareth email. Be sure to check your email regularly.

  • You must respond within 48 hours or you will be removed from the waitlist and lose the seat to the next person on the list.
  • Waitlists are processed on a first-come, first-served basis, so place yourself on the waitlist for a closed course as soon as possible during the registration period.
  • You can see that a course is waitlisted on your plan under on the "Plan & Schedule" screen in Student Planning. These courses will be in red and will say "Waitlisted" instead of "Planned."
  • You may register for a full course load (15 credits) and be on a waitlist at the same time.
  • You cannot waitlist and register for different sections of the same course.

Being on the waitlist does not guarantee that you will get a seat in the course. You should register for another course in case you do not get into the closed course.

Forms and Petitions for course substitutions, pass/fail options, add/drop courses, and more.

Acadeum Courses

We have identified several courses offered through Acadeum schools during the summer that are equivalent to Naz PEQ courses. If you are interested in enrolling in one of these courses, be sure to discuss your plans with your advisor first and then log in to the Acadeum Course Share Platform to start the registration process. Learn more about Acadeum courses.

Undergraduate Registration FAQs

Do I have to skip class if my registration time is at the same time as my class?

Do NOT skip classes to register! This is not a valid excuse. Your assigned start date/time is simply the earliest date/time that you may register on-line. You may register any time after your start time. Registration will remain open until 4:30 p.m. on Friday of the first week of classes.

I failed a course (or did not get the minimum grade required) and need to retake it. What do I do?

If this is the first time you are retaking the course, you can register via NazNet Self Service. If this will be your second time retaking it, you will need to submit an undergraduate student petition and get the required signatures for approval. See Forms & Petitions to get a petition.

What if I want to register for a course as pass/fail?

To register pass/fail for a course that is normally graded, you should plan the course as you would any other. When you select a section of the class, there is an option to view a drop down menu for “Grading.” This is where you can choose to take a class pass fail. You can then add the section and register for the course. See page 11 of the NazNet Self-Service Guide for Undergraduate Students. Note: Pass/fail requires an approval form to be submitted see pass/fail policy and get the needed form on our Forms & Petitions website.

Can I register for a course as an independent study or tutorial?

To register for an independent study or tutorial, you must submit the appropriate form to Registration and Records. Only juniors and seniors in good academic standing may apply for an independent study or tutorial. Get the form on our Forms & Petitions website.

I am waitlisted for two sections of a course. I prefer section 01, but if a spot in 02 opens up, can I register for it and still be on the waitlist for section 01?

No. Once you register for a course you are waitlisted for, you are automatically removed from the waitlist for all other sections. You can monitor the availability for your preferred section using Plan & Schedule in NazNet Self-Service by planning the preferred course section and checking availability.

I’m only registered for 9 credits, and waitlisted for everything else that I need. What do I do so I can be registered for full time status?

Stay on the waitlist for the courses you prefer, but select other courses that are open that work toward completion of your program. Many students will be dropping courses during the next few weeks and you still may be able to register for your preferred course. Check your email daily to see if a spot has opened up and you can register on the Plan & Schedule screen see page 16 of NazNet Self-Service Guide for Undergraduate Students.

I want to take another class, but the system won’t let me because I would be taking more than 19 credits. Who do I talk to about getting into this extra class?

If you plan to register for a course overload, you must submit a petition form to  Registration and Records ideally before your registration time, otherwise Student Planning will not allow you to register for the extra credit(s). Registration and Records has to register you for the course(s) beyond 19 credits so register for courses with the smallest availability on your own. The office will register you for the other coursework when you submit the approved petition on or after your registration priority. See our Forms and Petitions website for the form.

Students in their first semester at Nazareth are limited to no more than 17 credits (17.5 credits for music majors). Once you get the required signatures, they will register you for the course. Registering for a course overload will affect billing. You will have to pay for each additional credit over the credit max for your program. View the complete course load policy.

When I go to register it says I have a limit of 13 credits. What does this mean?

You may have been put on Academic Probation because of your GPA from last semester. Because of this, you can only register for a designated credit amount to help you improve your GPA. Once you are off probation, the credit limit will be lifted from your account.

I currently have a credit limit, but I’m not expecting to have one next semester. Why can’t I register for more than 13 credits?

Student Planning will not allow you to register for more credits than your limit dictates. Your limit will be removed at the end of the semester based on your GPA, and you will be able to add more classes at that time.

I’ve been on a leave of absence, but I’m ready to come back to Nazareth. Who do I need to talk to so I can register?

You need to get in contact with your advisor for advisement and course approval, and you will be able to register yourself on Student Planning in NazNet Self-Service. Note: students in teacher certification programs need approvals from both major and education advisors.

How do I find PEQ's to fulfill the Core requirements?

Within each of the Core areas, there are a number of course options from which to choose. See the Finding PEQs Two Ways help video or check page 8 of NazNet Self-Service Guide for Undergraduate Students.

I have planned courses, but I do not see the button to “Register.” What is the problem?

There are a few possible issues:

Graduate Student Registration Info

Grad Registration Instructions

Registering via NazNet Brief 3-minute Help Video  


Grad Registration Timeline

Spring Semester Registration:

  • Mid-October: Courses are available for viewing on Student Planning for the upcoming spring term
  • Early November: Graduate students register for spring courses

Summer and Fall Registration:

  • Early January: Courses are available for viewing on Student Planning for the upcoming summer terms
  • Mid-March: Courses are available for viewing on Student Planning for the upcoming fall term
  • April: Graduate students register for summer and fall courses
New Grad Students

In your first term, you register for classes through Student Planning after academic advisement with your advisor or program director.
See Grad Registration Instructions above and if you need assistance, contact Registration and Records at 585-389-2800 or

Returning Grad Students

After the first semester, you register online using Student Planning in NazNet Self-Service. See Grad Registration Instructions above and if you need assistance, contact Registration and Records at 585-389-2800 or


Advisement for Grad Students

After the first semester, many graduate programs do not require advisement each term. Check with your program director or advisor for specific requirements for your program. Please remember, however, that advisors are always available to answer questions and provide guidance.

If you are not sure of the name of your advisor, see the Advising tab on Student Planning in NazNet Self-Service.


Non-Matriculated Student Guide

Account Access

You will receive an email message with your username, delivered to the email address you listed on your non-matriculated form. Using the link provided in the email, follow the instructions to set up your accounts. Key accounts to which you will have access include: 

NazNet Self-Service

Overview of your academic record; includes your course schedule and grades once posted at the end of term. Billing is available through NazNet. Be sure to satisfy financial obligations by the published due date to avoid a $275 late payment fee.

Moodle is a main learning management system. 

Naz Email (Google Mail)

All faculty, staff and students are provided a Nazareth University email account (, which is the university’s primary official methods of communicating important and time-sensitive information. All are expected to check the mail sent to this account on a frequent and consistent basis. Enter your username and the initial password (Nazareth and the last four digits of your social security number). 

Registration Changes

Non-matriculated students do not have access to online registration capability. If you decide to drop your course after you have registered, you must email to request to drop. Deadlines are posted on the Academic Calendar. The date of drop or withdrawal from a course will be the date of emailing the request to the Registration & Records office; if applicable, refunds will be made accordingly. Simply ceasing to attend classes or notifying the instructor does not constitute official withdrawal and will result in a course grade of “F” and full financial liability. Check with Student Accounts regarding any financial penalties.

Important Dates

Visit the Academic Calendar to view semester dates, deadlines for course drops, grading, and more.


New York state Law requires all students taking 6 credits or more to show protection against measles, mumps, and rubella. Submit your proof of relevant immunizations through the Naz student health portal.

Students who are non-compliant with immunization policies will be unable to continue with coursework. 

See Student Health Information and Immunization Requirements.

Contact Health and Counseling if you have questions.


Free unofficial PDF transcripts are available to download in NazNet while you are a current student. Be sure to do this once grades are posted to keep a copy for your records. Official transcripts require a nominal fee. 

Student ID Card

All registered Nazareth University students should have a NazCard student ID. There is no fee for an ID card, but a replacement fee is charged for lost or destroyed cards. ID cards are not re-issued each semester.

ID cards are required for access to computer labs, fitness center, swimming pool, and the library.

More info: NazCard ID

Parking Permit

Registered students must purchase a parking permit only for fall and spring terms through Campus Safety. 

Details: Nazareth Parking & Transportation

Places to Know

Campus Map or download

Campus Directory has website and contact info for any person or department at Naz.

Bookstore has info on required textbooks and get supplies.

Campus Safety has parking permits and issues NazCard student IDs.

Library has study areas, movies, and research materials.

Registration & Records handles registration and transcripts.

Student Accounts handles billing, tuition, fees, refunds, and Employer Sponsored Tuition Plan info.

Fitness Center & Pool are open to you with your student ID card.

Dining There are several dining options on campus to grab a meal or a snack for commuting students.

Computer Labs are available in the library and there are also several labs accessible with student ID across campus. Lab hours are posted outside the door.

  • Smyth Hall rooms 142, 243, and 261
  • Arts Center room 136
  • Golisano Academic Center rooms 28, 44, and 60
computer lab