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Undergraduate Registration FAQs

Do I have to skip class if my registration time is at the same time as my class?
I failed a course (or did not get the minimum grade required) and need to retake it. What do I do?
What if I want to register for a course as pass/fail?
Can I register for a course as an independent study or tutorial?
I am waitlisted for two sections of a course. I prefer section 01, but if a spot in 02 opens up, can I register for it and still be on the waitlist for section 01?
I’m only registered for 9 credits, and waitlisted for everything else that I need. What do I do so I can be registered for full time status?
I want to take another class, but the system won’t let me because I would be taking more than 19 credits. Who do I talk to about getting into this extra class?
When I go to register it says I have a limit of 13 credits. What does this mean?
I currently have a credit limit, but I’m not expecting to have one next semester. Why can’t I register for more than 13 credits?
I’ve been on a leave of absence, but I’m ready to come back to Nazareth. Who do I need to talk to so I can register?
How do I find PEQ's to fulfill the Core requirements?
I have planned courses, but I do not see the button to “Register.” What is the problem?

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Course registration for undergraduate and graduate students takes place online on NazNet Self-Service.

See Summer Session Registration for information on registering for summer courses.

Undergraduate Students needing academic planning advice, see Academic Advisement or your advisor.

Graduate Students needing academic planning advice, see your advisor or program director.