Nazareth College is committed to upholding students' rights as outlined by the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). 

Please contact Registration and Records at reg@naz.edu with any FERPA-related questions.

FERPA Basics for Nazareth College

The Essence
  • Federal law designed to protect the privacy of education records. It also provides guidelines for appropriately using and releasing student education records.
  • It is intended that students’ rights be broadly defined and applied. Therefore, consider the student as the “owner” of the information in his or her education record, and the institution as the “custodian” of that record.
  • With reference to FERPA, the term "parent" refers to either parent of the student whether custodial or non-custodial.
Education Records

Includes any record maintained by the institution that contains information that is personally identifiable to a student with some narrowly defined exceptions.These records include: files, documents, and materials in whatever medium (handwriting, print, tapes, disks, film, microfilm, microfiche) which contain information directly related to student and from which a student can be individually identified.

Directory Information

These data items are generally not considered harmful or an invasion of privacy if publicly available. Cannot be released if student has a “no release” on his or her record. See “Opt-Out of Directory Information Form” below. Every student must be given the opportunity to have directory information suppressed from public release. It is important to understand, that a “no release” does not mean that a school official within the institution who has a demonstrated legitimate educational interest (e.g., faculty member teaching the student in class) is precluded from requesting the information to perform that official’s job duties.

Each institution establishes what it considers to be directory information. While FERPA allows for the release of Directory Information, it does not require that the institution must release this information.

Nazareth limits Directory Information to:

  • Name, email, date of attendance, enrollment status, previous school attended, class, major field(s) of study, graduation honors, degrees conferred (including dates), and date of birth.
  • Directory Information does not include: race, gender, social security number (or part of a social security number), grades, GPA, country of citizenship, or religion.
Basic Rights of Students

Annual Notification

Every institution must notify students of their FERPA rights at least annually. At Nazareth this is done by posting FERPA notice in the college catalog, on the web and in email to all students. 

Inspection and Review

Students have the right to see everything in their “education record,” except:

  • Information about other students.
  • Financial records of parents.
  • Confidential letters of recommendation if they waived their right of access.

Right to Consent to Disclosure

Start with the premise that the student has the right to control to whom his or her education record is released. A student can authorize release of educational records by submitting signed consent. There are several exceptions when that permission is not required. Contact Registration and Records with questions.

FERPA Policy

Nazareth College FERPA policy.

FERPA Forms and Info Sharing for Students

Students can grant access to financial aid, billing, and/or grades through NazNet. Once logged in click your picture/user name at the top and select "View/Add Proxy Access."


  • Permission to Disclose FERPA Release Form
    • Students who would like to give third parties, including parents, permission to discuss their educational records with Nazareth faculty or staff submit this form. 
  • Course Progress Disclosure Form
    • Students who would like to authorize faculty to release information related to their progress in a specific course instead of granting access to their entire academic record should complete and return this form to the specific faculty overseeing the selected course. A separate form is required for each class. 
  • Request to Review Records Form
    • Students who would like to review their educational records may submit this form.
  • Opt-Out of Directory Information Form
    • Students who would like their directory information suppressed may submit this form.

FERPA Information for Faculty/Staff