Residential Life

Educational Priority

Our educational priority is to help our residents become Changemakers. Aligned with the University’s vision to create a cohesive student experience in which all students are guaranteed integrative learning opportunities, Residential Life is committed to the education of the whole student,  recognizing that learning takes place both inside and outside of the classroom. We embrace our role as a partner in enhancing student academic success by providing opportunities for all students to actively engage in programs that promote learning specifically through student discovery, personal well-being, civic engagement, and intercultural competence.

Incoming Students

Each first-year building has its own personality. During the housing application process, you can identify your building preference. Incoming Students »

Returning students

You have the option to sign up with friends, or choose other specialized housing options. Returning Students »

Residence Halls

Who can live where? What to pack? Residence Halls »

Top 8 Reasons to Live on Campus

8. Lifelong friendships
7. Security
6. Good food, no cooking
5. Better grades
4. It’s all included
3. Get involved
2. The tunnels
1. When you live at college, you live the college life. When you don’t, you don’t.

Campus Resources

Housing Guarantee

Nazareth University provides on-campus housing to every full-time, matriculated undergraduate student who requests it, providing they meet their financial obligation to the University and remain in compliance with University and residential policies. In making assignments, Residential Life will not honor any requests for assignments or room changes that discriminate on the basis of race, religion, color, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, national or ethnic origin, sex, age, marital or veteran status, disability, carrier status, genetic predisposition, or any other protected status. Respect for the dignity of all peoples is an essential part of the University’s tradition and mission, and its vision of the future.