Residential Life

Special Housing Accommodations

Nazareth College is committed to providing reasonable and appropriate accommodations to all students.

Residential living is an important element of the overall college experience. Often student needs can be met through the standard room selection process. Students who have a medical and/or psychological disability or condition that requires special housing accommodations should submit a special housing request as soon as possible. Nazareth College requires current and comprehensive documentation of a student's condition from a licensed clinical professional or health care provider familiar with the history and functional limitations of the student's condition(s).

Requests for emotional support animals must use a separate Emotional Support Animal Request Form.

Requests for on-campus housing accommodations must be submitted by the deadlines listed on this page. Any requests submitted after the deadline will be considered as space permits.

Procedure for Special Housing Requests

Special Housing Accommodation Form

1. New students must complete their housing application form and pay their enrollment deposit here.

2. The student must fill out part 1 of the Special Housing Accommodation Form.

3. The student must contact their medical and/or mental health provider and deliver the forms (part 1 and 2) to the provider. The provider must complete part 2 of the Special Housing Accommodation Form.

4. The student must submit their completed Special Housing Accommodation Forms (part 1 and 2) to Student Accessibility Services at Nazareth College.

5. The Special Housing Accommodation Committee will meet periodically throughout the year to review complete requests.

6. The student will receive a response from the committee regarding their decision within 30 days of receiving the complete documentation. The student will be contacted if additional documentation is necessary.

Please note:

  • Nazareth College reserves the right to substitute an appropriate alternative accommodation for the one requested.
  • Room assignments are based on availability and the timeliness of the request.
  • Special housing accommodations do not necessarily transfer from one academic year to the next. Updated medical or mental health documentation may be required at the time of renewal.
  • Students may follow the appeal process if they perceive the outcome of their housing accommodation to be inadequate. The process is detailed here: Appeal Process/Grievance Procedure.


Requests for on-campus special housing accommodations must be submitted by:

  • March 15 for fall housing
  • April 15 for summer housing
  • November 15 for spring housing

Any requests submitted after the deadline will be considered as space permits.

Classroom Accommodations

To request academic accommodations, contact Student Accessibility Services at 585-389-2498.

Committee Members