Kearney Hall

Kearney Hall is located on the southeast side of campus. This lively, corridor-style residence hall is home to 270 first-year students. A large first-floor lounge and study room, a community kitchen, and easy access to the Dining Commons all combine to make living comfortable and convenient.

Kearney 101



  • Kearney Hall has common bathrooms on each floor. Each bathroom has a number of toilet stalls and shower stalls available. The bathrooms on the floor are gender specific, with gender-neutral bathrooms available on the first floor.

Common Spaces

  • All of the corridors and lounge spaces have been remodeled to provide a warm and social atmosphere. A sand volleyball court and newly added basketball court just east of the building make Kearney a popular gathering spot for outdoor activities.  The classroom and lounge on the first floor are great for collaborative group work and the kitchen is located nearby. 


  • Laundry is free and there are laundry rooms on each floor with multiple washers and dryers available.
  • All laundry can be monitored through the online system provided. Residence Hall Services >>

Quick Info

  • All floors in Kearney are co-ed.
  • Wifi is accessible throughout the building.
  • Automatic sprinklers are NOT installed in this building.


  • The following info is for the size of refrigerators allowed in Kearney rooms.
    • Any double: 1.7, 2.7, and 4.5 cubic feet
    • Any triple: not to exceed 26" in height


  • Double
    • All double rooms come fully furnished with a twin XL bed, dresser, desk, chair, and closet for each student.
    • Room Dimensions: 14'3" x 10'7"
    • Desk Dimensions: 42" wide, 24" deep, 30" high
  • Triple 
    • All triple rooms come fully furnished with a twin XL bed, desk space, 2 chairs, and closet for each student.
    • Room Dimensions: 14'3" x 10'7"


  • All Kearney rooms are doubles or triples and have space-saving closets and chests of drawers built into the walls.


  • Window blinds are provided.
  • Window Dimensions: 36" x 50"
  • Curtains are allowed within the residence halls so long as they follow Nazareth policy. Policies and Procedures >>
Fast Facts

Location: South East Campus

Population: 270 First-Year Students

Staffing: 1 Area Director & 12 RAs

Floors: 3

Wings: East, Center, & West

Resident Assistants (RA)

 Resident Assistants are student leaders dedicated to supporting you and enhancing your first-year experience. 

Tour of Kearney