Returning Student Housing FAQs

Housing Selection

Does Nazareth University guarantee housing for all undergraduate students?
Can students of different class years live together?
Can I live anywhere on campus?
I am studying abroad. How do I complete housing selection?
Are there still sophomore "neighborhoods?"
I am a sophomore. Can I really live in an apartment?
What is Fast Pass?
If I use the Fast Pass option, can I leave my belongings in my room over the summer?
How do I get a $500 per semester Returning Student room grant?
If I can't find a roommate or fill a vacancy, will Residential Life do it for me?
In an on-campus apartment, what do I need to bring and can I have a meal plan?


Is there a charge for canceling the room contract?
Will moving off-campus affect my financial aid?
I want a room change. My friend is leaving a single can I just take that?
Can I move in with my friend Elizabeth? Her roommate is leaving.
Can I stay on campus during the breaks?

Still have questions?

Contact Residential Life at 585-389-2480 or email