Housing Selection

1. Returning students, seeking special housing?

If you want to apply for one of these special housing options, skip the general housing process. Instead, follow the link for your preferred special housing and use its specific housing request form.

Special housing options — for which the application is due by March 4, 2024:

2. If none of those, follow the general housing process:

  • Use the Nazareth housing & meal plan system to fill out your housing application. Opens February 14, 2024. Complete by March 8, 2024.
  • Residential life will notify you when you can return to the Nazareth housing & meal plan system to view your assigned selection time and selection number. 
  • Housing Selection Day will be on Wednesday, April 3, 2024. At your assigned time, return to the system to select your housing placement.

Information to Know

Frequently Asked Questions
Selecting Your Roommate(s)

To select your roommate(s):

  • After completing your housing application in the housing portal, go back to the system homepage.
  • Click "Roommate Groups" on the left gray toolbar on the home screen of your housing portal.
  • Click "Create new roommate group".
  • At the top of the page you are required to type in a "Group Name" for your roommate group.
  • All members of your roommate group MUST have a housing application completed.
  • Type in the EMAIL ADDRESS for the roommates that you would like to request.
  • Click "Save"
  • The roommates that are requested need to go into their housing portal to accept the roommate request.
Residency Requirement

Full-time undergraduate students are required to live on campus for their first and second year of college, regardless of credit-based class or transfer status. Learn more: Residency requirement.

Financial Holds

All students must be financially cleared from the student accounts office before the application/contracts can be accepted. If there is a financial hold on your account, a message will display on the Nazareth housing & meal plan system.

Contract Cancellation

There is a $350 non-negotiable cancellation fee for any student who breaks the room contract once it is submitted.

About Selection Times

How housing selection times are assigned:

  • Your credits earned at Nazareth, any credits earned at another college, and the number of semesters you've lived on campus are used to determine your cohort — sophomore, junior, or senior standing for the upcoming fall semester.
  • High school AP credits or current credits in progress are not included.
  • Within each cohort, selection times are randomly assigned by computer.

Roommate Groups

  • When selection times are generated, each group member is assigned an individual selection time.
  • The person with the EARLIEST selection time can go in and place everyone in an assignment on selection day.
  • Once everyone is placed, the other group members are all set and can disregard their selection time.