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Field Placement Services

Field experience is an integral part of all the certification programs offered in the School of Education. The primary purpose of fieldwork is to connect the theory and strategies learned in the Nazareth classrooms to real world applications in public schools/agencies.

Field Observation

Experience in schools prior to student teaching is a critical component of students' learning about schools, children and adolescents, and teaching. New York State Education Department requires that programs leading to teaching certificates include at least 100 hours for initial certification and 50 hours for additional certification. Programs that simultaneously prepare for more than one certification area have more hours. These field experiences must be related to courses in an approved program of study. The number of hours will vary from course to course.

The following information/forms are required/used for observation hours:

Students are to request approval for job-embedded or job-referenced fieldwork prior to the start of the course. If you think you can complete required hours in your place of employment, please contact the Field Placement Office ( or 585-389-2596 for this form. Each course with related fieldwork must have a separate approval form.

Student Teaching/Graduate Advanced Practicum

Review the application requirements for your program carefully, as requirements differ between programs. Student Teaching/Practicum applications require a resume in the preferred student teaching format. For help with your resume visit Career Services. All students should review:

If you are employed by a school district and you are working as a teacher, please contact your program director to see if student teaching/practicum placement(s) can be done in your classroom.

Required Proposal:

Inclusive Early Childhood, Childhood, Adolescence TESOL

Student Teaching Program Areas (listed below by major): Placement information is subject to change. Refer to the student teaching/practicum application and the program director/coordinator for each program for specific requirements and expectations.

Student Teaching/Graduate Advanced Practicum Areas

Art Education
Graduate Inclusive Adolescence
Graduate Inclusive Childhood
Graduate Inclusive Early Childhood
Graduate TESOL
Undergraduate Inclusive Adolescence
Music Education
Undergraduate Inclusive Early Childhood/Childhood

Sponsor/School Based Teacher Educators

Thank you for agreeing to welcome a student in your classroom. Please contact us regarding any questions or concerns you may have. Professionalism is of utmost importance to our office and we would appreciate notification should your student fail to meet your professional expectations.

Questions? Contact:

Karen M. Sangmeister

Karen M. Sangmeister

Field Placement Specialist in Education, School of
Golisano Academic Center 277

Application Deadlines

Student Teaching/Practicum

  • Fall 2020: November 14, 2019
  • Spring 2019: Past Due. Please submit promptly

Summer 2020: November 14, 2019