School of Education

Graduate Literacy Practicum

The New York State Education Department requires each candidate to complete 50 practicum hours in order to obtain a literacy certificate.  Candidates will complete their practicum hours in local classrooms during the Fall semester and at the Marie Callahan Reading Clinic on Nazareth’s campus during the Spring and Summer Semesters.  

Teacher candidates completing practicum hours must record all of their hours on the form below.   

Job-Reference Graduate Literacy Practicum Placement
Graduate students who are employed by a school district/agency but are not classroom teachers or are classroom teachers whose rooms do not meet the placement requirements, may have the option to complete their practicum hours in a colleague's classroom. 

Eligibility is dependent on New York State Certification Requirements, course requirements, classroom composition, and approval from their Graduate Program Director.

In order to apply for a job reference literacy practicum placement, teacher candidates must complete the appropriate form below no later than the end of the first week of class.