School of Education

Undergraduate Student Teaching

Undergraduate student teaching is for all undergraduate teacher candidates who are seeking their Bachelor's Degree and initial certification in a teacher educator program. Teacher candidates will complete their student teaching clinical experience in the Fall semester of their senior year. In order to apply for student teaching, please review the following information below carefully.



  • The Graduate Student Teaching Application is due one year prior to the student teaching experience 


  • ALL documents must be completed and submitted digitally as a PDF to
  • Please remember to save the PDF with your Last name_First name_Student Teaching Application_Program.
  • Pictures taken on your phone will not be accepted.


Undergraduate Student Teaching Program Areas

Art Education
Inclusive Adolescence
Music Education
Inclusive Early Childhood/Childhood

Placement information is subject to change. Refer the program director and/or your academic supervisor for specific requirements and expectations. 

Application Deadline

The Undergraduate Student Teaching Application is due one year prior to the clinical experience taking place.

Fall: November 1

Spring: March 1 (Music Education Candidates Only)