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School Based Teacher Educator (SBTE) Information

School-Based Teacher Educators or SBTEs (formally known as cooperating teachers) are an integral component to every teacher educator program.  The School of Education at Nazareth College thanks you for agreeing to welcome a teacher candidate in your classroom.

Below you will find information regarding the different types of clinical experiences at Nazareth College along with the details about the responsibilities held by an SBTE.  Please review the information that pertains to the clinical experience that  the teacher candidate assigned to your classroom will be experiencing.

Please note:  Professionalism is of utmost importance to our office and we would appreciate notification should a teacher candidate fail to meet your professional expectations during any clinical experience. 


Field experience is a foundational clinical experience that provides opportunities for teacher candidates to observe and engage in the teaching and learning processes in classrooms/schools.  While most teacher candidates at this level would have already taken some initial program coursework, this clinical experience might be one of the first times they are directly engaging with children as a part of education coursework.

Teacher Candidate Expectations During Field Experience

A teacher candidate completing their field experience can provide one-on-one and/or small group support to learning depending on the School-Based Teacher Educator’s (SBTE) perception of the teacher candidates’ readiness and on the needs of the SBTE and the learners. Teacher candidates who currently hold a teaching certificate are expected to engage at a higher level of involvement.  For more information on the suggested activities for teacher candidates and responsibilities of an SBTE, please review our Field Experience Guidelines.  

Field Experience Feedback Survey

As a means to engage in formative assessment on the professional behaviors and dispositions of our teacher candidates, we ask each SBTE to complete a short survey called “The Professional Behaviors Assessment” for the teacher candidate assigned to their classroom.  Please review the Professional Behaviors Assessment Reference Document prior to the beginning of the field experience.  Once the field experience is over, the Office of Clinical Experiences and Partnerships will email you a survey link to complete.  We thank you in advance for your feedback.



Student teaching is a culminating clinical experience for teacher candidates who are working on their initial teacher certification.  At this point, teacher candidates should have completed all of their program coursework, with the exception of participation in a culminating seminar.  Teacher candidates will be assigned to one fourteen-week placement or two seven-week placements depending on the teacher candidate’s education program. 

The graduate practicum is a culminating clinical experience for teacher candidates who are working on an additional teacher certification.  The practicum is a seven-week placement designed to provide and document a teacher candidate’s experiences working with students in a certification area different from their initial certification.  Thus, it provides a focused opportunity for using a different “lens” as a way to experience the multiple facets of being an educator. 

During  student teaching and graduate practicum, teacher candidates are expected to gradually assume increased responsibilities for all aspects of the teaching and learning process: planning, teaching, evaluating, and participating as fully as possible in the school community. The goal is for the teacher candidates to assume the full range of teaching responsibilities for at least one week of the student teaching experience.  

For more detailed information about each clinical experience please review, "The Guide To Student Teaching.”


Student Teaching/Graduate Practicum Assessment

As a means to engage in on-going dialogue, reflection and assessment, we ask each SBTE to complete both a Mid-Placement Student Teaching Evaluation Rubric and a Final Student Teaching Evaluation Rubric.  Both rubrics ask you to score the teacher candidate on a scale of 1 through 4 (Not Yet Acceptable for a Student Teacher to Exceeding Expectations for a Student Teacher) for 14 common teaching areas and 1 - 5 program specific areas.   Please review the Student Teaching Evaluation Rubric Reference Document prior to the placement beginning.  An evaluation link will be provided to you via email approximately 3 days prior to the mid-way point and  3 days prior to the final day of the placement.  Please use the provided link to complete the evaluation.


Remuneration for Student Teaching/Graduate Practicum

As a token of our appreciation, all SBTES who welcome a teacher candidate completing their student teaching or graduate practicum are given a remuneration.  Please review “The Remunerations Guidelines” carefully.  Approximately two weeks before the placement begins, the Office of Clinical Experiences and Partnerships will email you The Remuneration Selection Form and a W-9.  Please complete these documents within one week of the placement ending.  All documents must be submitted via the US Postal Service mail to the Office of Clinical Experiences and Partnership.



Please contact the Office of Clinical Experiences and Partnerships and we'll be happy to help.

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