General Clinical Experience Questions

Why do I have to complete clinical experience hours?
Who will make the placement for me?
Where will I be assigned to fulfill my clinical experience hours?
Can I request a specific placement?
Can a school-based teacher educator (SBTE) request to host me for a clinical experience?
How and when will I be notified of my clinical experience placement?
How will I get to the school where I am assigned for the clinical experience placement?
What steps should I take after I receive my assignment?
What should I keep in mind when I am in a local school?

Field Experience Questions

How many total field experience hours do I need to complete to earn my teaching certification?
When do I complete my field experiences?
How many field experience hours do I need to complete each semester?
Why do I have to verify my hours of fieldwork?
If I am working in a local school district/agency can't I just stay there for my field experience?
What if I complete more than the required fieldwork hours for the course?
What happens if I am unable to complete the required field experience hours?
What if I withdraw from this course?