Percussion students in all degree programs receive:

  • weekly one-hour private lessons
  • weekly master class
  • weekly percussion ensemble
  • opportunities to assist in conducting and teaching


  • Perform and teach snare drum, marimba, timpani, drum set, and hand drums. 
  • Gain experience in community service, as well as paid positions, for drumming and percussion classes in area schools, churches and libraries.
  • Assist in instruction for methods students.
  • Prepare and conduct percussion literature for rehearsals and concerts.
  • Compose for the Percussion Ensemble, getting your compositions performed and recorded.
Performance Opportunities
  • Jazz and rock groups in local clubs
  • Musicals in professional venues
  • Church services
  • Greater Rochester Women’s Philharmonic
  • Women in Music Festival
  • George Eastman House Recital Series
  • Oratorio Society Orchestra
  • Audition to present an Honors Recital every year
  • Nazareth College Symphony Orchestra Annual Concerto/Aria Competition
  • Nazareth College Wind Symphony Soloist Competition

Recent Performances

  • International Percussion Rochester Festival
  • Rochester Convention Center
  • New York State School Music Association Conference
Guest Artists

Guest percussion artists are a regular feature on campus and provide one-on-one interaction with percussion primaries and  secondaries. Recent guest artists include:

  • Gregg Bendian, drum set and improvisation
  • Ritsuko Matsumoto, marimba
  • Barbara Merjan, Broadway drummer
  • Kunihiko Komori, marimba
  • Ed Thigpen, jazz drumming great
  • Dave Mancini, drum set and composition
  • Gifford Howarth, marimba
  • Pink Martini samba workshop
  • Bill Cahn, percussion and improvisation
Concert Outings

The Percussion Studio makes regular outings to attend concerts in the Rochester area including:  

  • Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra
  • Bush Mango African Drum and Dance
  • Joe Locke
  • Evelyn Glennie
  • Maelstrom Percussion Ensemble
  • Blue Man Group
  • Stomp and Blast!
Networking Opportunities

Closely connected with the community music scene, Nazareth College percussion students are able to make valuable connections for immediate and future employment as teachers and performers with Nazareth College alumni and professional musicians.  Recent percussion primary graduates have found positions after graduating in their degree program:

Jared Streiff (Music Education)
Director of Bands at Hilton High School
Drummer and Band Leader for The Half Ton Horns

Timothy Sestrick (Performance)
Instructor of Music, Sunderman Conservatory 

Greg Best (Music Business)
Drum set artist, arranger, recording artist

Kyle Potter (Music and Psychology)
Performing percussionist, Syracuse NY
PhD. in School Psychology, Syracuse University

Nicole Sinsiscarco Williams (Music Education)
Director of Bands, Westmoreland High School 

Justin Passamonte (Music)
Drummer/Singer/Songwriter for Nevergreen

Percussion Ensemble

    Ensemble performance of an arrangement of Dave Brubeck's, "Blue Rondo A La Turk."
    Student Torrey Cobb performs Kraft's Concerto for Timpani and Orchestra
    Nazareth College Percussion Ensemble
    West Side Story: A Percussionist's Perspective by Kristen Shiner McGuire