Percussion students in all degree programs receive:

  • weekly one-hour private lessons
  • weekly master class
  • weekly percussion ensemble
  • opportunities to assist in conducting and teaching


  • Perform and teach snare drum, marimba, timpani, drum set, and hand drums. 
  • Gain experience in community service, as well as paid positions, for drumming and percussion classes in area schools, churches and libraries.
  • Assist in instruction for methods students.
  • Prepare and conduct percussion literature for rehearsals and concerts.
  • Compose for the Percussion Ensemble, getting your compositions performed and recorded.
Performance Opportunities
Guest Artists
Concert Outings
Networking Opportunities

Percussion Ensemble

    Ensemble performance of an arrangement of Dave Brubeck's, "Blue Rondo A La Turk."
    Student Torrey Cobb performs Kraft's Concerto for Timpani and Orchestra
    Nazareth College Percussion Ensemble
    West Side Story: A Percussionist's Perspective by Kristen Shiner McGuire