Seeking to make a difference in court

Tavione Griffin ‘24

Major: Legal studies

Minor: Business leadership

Internship: Family court bureau of the Monroe County public defender’s office in Rochester, New York

    At a glance

    What she does: “This internship has been amazing! I work with the attorneys on their cases, and I also work with the caseworkers, shadowing them throughout their day and with the paralegal drafting any motions or settlements.”

    Career goal: “to be an attorney, possibly an attorney for the child, providing legal services for kids who are within the legal system for family court matters or other situations. I would love to just know that I made a difference in someone's life — and help them come out of a terrible or difficult situation.”

    Why Naz: Tavi transferred to Naz because she wanted a degree in legal studies, not criminal justice, which is unique in the area. “I really wanted to go into law school feeling as prepared as I could,” she says.

    SPARK support: A Nazareth SPARK Grant, which provides $1,500, helped make it possible for her to do the unpaid summer internship and still pay her bills.

    What's next

    She plans to work in the legal field before attending law school. Before graduation, Tavi was offered a position at Legal Aid Society of Rochester.