Graduate Student Costs

Summer A 2024- Spring 2025

  • The detailed costs below do not include books and supplies and discretionary personal expenses. 
  • Rates and policies are subject to change.

Tuition and Fees

Graduate Tuition — Exceptions below. $1,115 per credit hour

Doctor of Physical Therapy Program tuition (12-18 credit hours, years 4-6 for 6-year students, years 1-3 for advance standing students) This full-time program includes summer coursework charged per credit hour.

Estimated year 1 costs:
• Summer A $20,410 (13 hours at $1,570 per credit hr)
• Fall $23,520 (12-18 credit hours)
• Spring $23,520 (12-18 credit hours)
• Total: $67,450

Year 2 students take 6 credit hours in the summer.

Year 3 students take 12 credit hours in the summer.

Additional course fees apply.

$23,520 per semester

Doctor of Physical Therapy Program - per credit hour

$1,570 per credit hour (years 4-6 for 6-year students, years 1-3 for advance standing students)
Graduate School of Education, Music Education and Art Education programs
$900 per credit hour
Master of Social Work
$820 per credit hour

M.S. Global Business and Leadership

$1,115 per credit hour

M.S. Strategic Marketing 

$1,115 per credit hour

Course Audit charge

$1,115 per 3-credit course
University Fees: All Graduate Students
Registration Fee $30 per semester
Supplemental Fee $200 per semester
Additional Fees as Applicable
Late payment fee $275
Official transcript through Parchment, electronic $8.50
Official transcript through Parchment, mailed $11.00
Residence hall contract termination fee $350
Parking fees
Parking fee $115 per year or $70 per semester (includes NYS sales tax). Non refundable.

Parking information is on the Campus Safety website.

Additional Course Fees

Art Education
Art education material fee $64 
Art Therapy
Art supply fee $56
Art therapy fee CAT 681, CAT 688  $65
Art studio fee $69
Art supplies - fibers courses $192
Art supplies - jewelry & metalsmith $105
Art supplies - ceramics courses $113
Dignity for All Students Act (DASA) class fee $33 
Health Education/Child Abuse/Violence Prevention workshop $74
Each major voice/instrument, private lessons $570
Each minor voice/instrument $285
Group lessons $285
Music therapy fee $70
Recital fee: Voice/band/orchestra $330
Occupational Therapy
Occupational Therapy Association membership fee $75
Physical Therapy
Physical therapy fee $294 for PTR 626, PTR 627, PTR 629, PTR 632, PTR 659, PTR 660, PTR 730
Physical therapy - clinical education experience fee $375 for PTR 617, PTR 619
Physical therapy clinical insurance fee $58 for PTR 517, PTR 617, PTR 636
Physical therapy licensure exam fee $75 for PTR 721
APTA membership fee $85 for PTR 619, PTR 721
Speech-Language Pathology
Clinical insurance $58


Advance deposits are non-refundable, but are credited to the first-semester bill.

Enrollment Deposits
Graduate enrollment deposit for College of Liberal Arts, Sciences, Business, and Education $100
Graduate enrollment deposit for Doctorate of Physical Therapy $500
Graduate enrollment deposit for Creative Arts Therapy: Art Therapy specialization $300
Graduate enrollment deposit for Speech-Language Pathology $300
Graduate enrollment deposit for Master of Social Work $100
Graduate enrollment deposit for Creative Arts Therapy: Music Therapy specialization $100

Need an at-a-glance summary of annual grad student costs? See Financial Aid webpage.