Student Activities & Leadership

Club Sports

Not every student can or wants to play a sport on the varsity level.  For those individuals, club sports provide a great alternative where they can engage in competition, learn and improve on their skills, and socialize with people who share the same love for the game. 

Nazareth's Club Sports Program is administered through Intramurals & Recreation, Student Activities & Leadership, and the Undergraduate Association.  Each club sport is created and run by students with assistance from these departments and their coach or advisor.

Club Sports Council
Definition of Club Sport Activity
Risk Management
Medical Insurance
Hazing/ Drugs & Alcohol Policy/ Student Code of Conduct
Facilities Reservations/ Gym and Field Use
Scheduling/Canceling Games and Contracts
Locker Rooms/ Residence Hall Usage/ Visiting Teams
Equipment/ Uniform Requests
Officials/ Trainers
Dues/Fees and Fundraising

Naz Ultimate


Start a Team

  • Refer to and follow the How to Start a Club information on the Undergraduate Association (UA) webpage.
  • In addition to the documents/materials requested in the Senate Proposal, submit a copy of your team's safety guidelines.
  • Before submitting your materials to the VP of Executive Operations, you must schedule a meeting with the Intramurals & Recreation Coordinator to review materials and club sports policies/procedures.
  • After your receive approval from the Intramurals & Recreation Coordinator, you may submit your proposal to the VP of Executive Operations.
  • Once your documents are received by the VP of Executive Operations, your proposal will be placed on the Steering meeting agenda for round one of approval.  If approved by Steering, your proposal will move on to Senate for final approval.