Student Activities & Leadership

Nazareth Crew Club

Crew is the ultimate team sport where students start by rowing in 8-sweep boats (a boat with 8 rowers and a coxswain who guides the team through practices and races).  As individuals enhance their skills, there are also opportunities to experience rowing in a 4-person boat, 2-person boat, and a 1-person boat called a skull.  Although there are some very accelerated rowers from high school programs coming to campus each year, the majority of collegiate rowers learn the sport of rowing in college.

Through rowing, students get a full body, low impact workout.  While working as a team, every rower learns in a slow, sequential manner, working on individual rowing techniques in a safe, easy-to-learn environment and bonding over practices and regattas.

Practice Schedule

For more information email or call 585-389-2691. 

Club Officers

Anna Hudson, President

Lauren Williamson, Vice President

Casey Giordano, Treasurer

Carson Haney, Secretary

Nancy Strelau, Advisor

Jenny Timineri, Head Coach

Emily Farrar, Assistant Coach