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Nazareth Crew Club

Crew is the ultimate team sport at Nazareth College.  In our club, athletes propel a 4 or 8-person boat in synchrony while being steered and motivated by their coxswain.  Nazareth’s Crew Club provides a competitive and friendly atmosphere for experienced rowers or students looking to try a unique sport in college. 

Students considering to join a team but prefer not to row are encouraged to become coxswains.  The ideal coxswain is a strong leader with natural intuition.  New and returning rowers begin the season with emphasis on technical improvement based on previous skill level and advance according to their personal goals. The team competes in several regattas per season against other club and Division I-III teams in the Northeast.  Since the team’s founding in 2016, we have thrived and will be assessed to compete at Division III status in the future.

Practice Schedule
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Club Officers

Anna Hudson, President

Lauren Williamson, Vice President

Terra Avengelista, Treasurer

Carson Haney, Secretary

Nancy Strelau, Advisor

Jenny Timineri, Head Coach

Emily Farrar, Assistant Coach

Upcoming Regattas

 Spring 2017

Ithaca Invitational, Cayuga Lake  

Black Rock Cup, Black Rock Canal

For more information email or call 585-389-2691.