Commuter & Transfer Assistant Program

Commuter & Transfer Assistants (CTAs) offer guidance and support to all commuter and transfer students by engaging them in campus events, activities, programs, and services. CTAs serve as a liaison between commuter and transfer students and administration, advocating for the interests and needs of these students. In addition, CTAs ensure that the Commuter & Transfer Lounge is a functional and welcoming space for all commuter students to use.

CTAs are responsible for:

  • connecting commuter and transfer students with campus resources, academic resources, and engagement opportunities
  • collaborating with Student Engagement & Leadership (SEL) and other areas on campus to plan, promote, and implement programs and initiatives for commuter and transfer students
  • advising a commuter and/or transfer group
  • maintaining the Commuter & Transfer Lounge (upper level of Shults Center)
  • representing SEL, commuters, and transfer students at different campus-wide events

Meet the Commuter & Transfer Assistants

Learn more about the commuter and transfer assistant team and why they chose to serve in this role.