Community Music Program

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I determine if this is the right time for my child to start music lessons?
I am an adult with absolutely no previous music background. Can I begin at this "late date"?
How does one determine how much at-home practicing is necessary?
My child really wants to play an instrument, but becomes very nervous at the thought of performing. Are recitals required, and what is the value?
Just what is “theory” and why have I heard I should study theory?
I cannot start lessons right away in September. Can I register later on, or even during the summer?
What happens if I have to miss a lesson? Is there a make-up policy? If my child cannot make it one week, can I "substitute" for him or her in the lessons, so I can brush up on my old skills?
My child (or I myself) seems to have to spend a lot of time alone with the instrument. If it is not something that can be played in a band or orchestra, what other opportunities are there?
Does my child receive any sort of evaluation of progress for the lessons at Nazareth CMP?

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