Community Music Program

Suzuki Program

The Suzuki method of instrumental education strives to duplicate the ease with which a very young child learns to speak his or her own mother tongue by listening and then imitating. The weekly lesson is carefully structured, creative and stimulating. Positive reinforcement is continued at home through the regular participation of the Suzuki parent. A progressive sequence of repertoire develops both motor and aural skills,  and the student’s awareness of musical style grows in a natural manner.

The ear is the initial portal for learning, allowing for full attention to proper physical coordination and to the production of beautiful tone. Note reading is introduced gradually. Its importance is regularly reinforced throughout the sequence of study.

Weekly lessons are supplemented by a monthly performance class, at which the student has the opportunity to gain poise and confidence. Suzuki instruction can begin as early as age 3.

Courses in Suzuki teacher training in piano are available at all levels through the Community Music Program. For information, please call 585-389-2566.