New 3 + 3 Program with Syracuse Law School

Nazareth College is pleased to partner with Syracuse University College of Law to announce a new program that offers highly motivated prospective legal students a combined six-year bachelor’s and law degree.

The six-year program consists of three years at Nazareth and three years at Syracuse Law. At the time of admission, students receive full admission to either the legal studies or political science programs at Nazareth and conditional admission to Syracuse’s law program based on the completion of degree and GPA requirements. Other program benefits include:

  • First year of law school at Syracuse is billed at Nazareth College undergraduate tuition rates.
  • Second and third year law school students receive a scholarship at 50% of the cost of tuition.
  • A reduction in total educational costs from seven years to six years.

“In most circumstances, obtaining a law degree requires seven years of education and two separate processes and experiences,” says Daan Braveman, Nazareth College president and former dean of the Syracuse University College of Law. “Nazareth and Syracuse have created a six-year opportunity that provides Nazareth students with direct access to one of the nation’s finest legal education programs.”

2016 UPDATE: This program was expanded to include history and philosophy majors.