Appointments and Hours

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Health Services

See all primary care services including treatment of illness and injury, prescriptions, PPD clinics, HPV vaccine, referrals to specialists, and more. We welcome students of all gender identities and orientations.

Counseling Services

Counseling services include consults, workshops and group counseling, individual counseling as necessary and determined at initial visit, crisis prevention, psychiatric services, consultations, referrals to off campus providers, and more.

New Students

48 hours after your deposit has been paid, use Nazareth's Student Health Portal to provide:

  • Health history
  • Immunization dates (manually enter dates and upload proof of immunization/vaccine)
  • Proof of receiving the meningitis vaccine or signed waiver
  • Health insurance information

Required by the fall semester, or you will incur a non-refundable $100 fee, and you will be unable to register for classes for the following semester. Need help with the portal? Please contact our office.

Patient rights and responsibilities.

Health Insurance

Nazareth College does not offer a college health insurance plan. More about health insurance.


Videos, websites, and apps for self-care and information and experience sharing.

Wellness Outreach and Prevention

We offer a variety of fun and exciting outreach educational programs, presentations, and services on different health topics.

Related Information

  • Special Housing Requests: To make a special housing request based on a chronic health condition, contact Student Accessibility Services.
  • Food Allergy/Special Nutrition Requests: For meal plans and dietary accommodations, see Dining Services. View our Food Allergy & Special Nutrition Form.
  • Chosen Name and/or Gender Identity Change: After you submit the form on the Registrar's Forms and Petitions webpage, Health and Counseling will be notified of the name change. Your legal name will be displayed on your electronic health record, but your chosen name will also become part of your record and will be used by our staff.

Need your immunization record?

Print a copy of your immunization record to have it handy for work or graduate school.