Primary Care Health and Counseling services are available for all Naz students.

PPD Clinics

Nursing/PT/OT/Speech Students, please call to schedule an appointment during one of our clinics. Please bring $10 cash or check to your 1st appointment.

Clinic 1
Wednesday  5/3 @9am-12pm for placement
Friday           5/5 @9am-12pm for results
Clinic 2
Monday        5/15 @9am-1pm for placement
Wednesday  5/17 @9am-1pm for results
Clinic 3
Monday        5/22 @3pm-7pm for placement
Wednesday  5/24 @3pm-7pm for results


  • Medical: You can schedule most medical appointments, request lab results, or ask questions online: Naz Student Health Portal.
  • Physicals: For an appointment for a physical exam, call our office, 585-389-2500.
  • Counseling: For all counseling appointments or questions, call our office, 585-389-2500.

Student Health Portal

ALL NEW STUDENTS: Input your required health history, immunization dates, and health insurance information online using Nazareth's Health Portal.

If you have trouble, or have entered your information and received a notice that your documents are incomplete, please contact our office.

Health Insurance

Find dates and details about enrolling in a state health insurance plan.

After Hours

Where to get help when our office is closed.



Feb 23
Open Yoga Classes 8 – 9:20 p.m.
February 8 – May 4
Feb 27
Open Yoga Classes 7:30 – 8:30 p.m.
February 6 – May 1
Feb 27
Open Yoga Classes 9 – 10 p.m.
February 6 – May 1
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Need your immunization record?

Print a copy of your immunization record to have it handy for work or graduate school.