Substance Abuse Services

Drug/Alcohol Screening and Consultation

A credentialed drug and alcohol counselor is available to provide drug and alcohol screening to determine if a student's use warrants referral to a drug and alcohol treatment center. Consultation is available to faculty and staff members who are concerned about a student's alcohol or drug use pattern, class attendance, or academic performance. Students who wish to examine their own alcohol/drug use and associated behaviors or those of a friend or family member are welcome to contact Substance Abuse Services for consultation.

The Substance Abuse Educational Specialist provides ongoing consultation and outreach within both the Nazareth campus and the Pittsford community. Upon request, the Substance Abuse Educational Specialist is available to meet with groups of students in academic courses, residence halls, clubs, and local classrooms to facilitate group discussions, provide information and resources, and offer presentations on topics related to substance use/misuse.

Preventative Programming
Individual and Group Counseling
Support Groups
Student Athlete Mentors


Contact us at 585-389-2500 for information about referrals, Al-Anon meetings, or other questions.

Substance Abuse Education Committee