Defending Democracy, Supporting Veterans, Making History

Students embarked on a two-week immersion into Ukraine’s fascinating history, dramatic politics, rich culture and innovative veteran support programs!


  • Explored Ukraine’s history and culture to understand why it has emerged as the frontline in the global battle for democracy.
  • Learned how Ukrainians from many walks of life and professional backgrounds are helping veterans of the Russian-Ukrainian war, as well as their families, to deal with their experiences and traumas through innovative rehabilitation and support programs.
  • Spent several days with the students and faculty of our partner institution, National University of Ostroh Academy, located in a unique college town where Eastern Europe’s oldest university was founded in 1576.
  • Toured historical and cultural landmarks of Ukraine’s two most popular destinations: Kyiv, Ukraine’s ancient and beautiful capital, and Lviv, the cultural capital of Ukraine’s distinctive western part.

Views from Abroad

    Ostroh Academy
    St. Michael's Cathedral